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    More lessons from the Tutor
    A True Story by Bayneback

    UNi good & still getting instruction from my tutor. One afternoon He asked to come and visit a friend of his. I had come as he had instructed dressed in a jockstrap under my shorts I thought for our usual fuck. We drove about 20 mins a away and he told me his friend had a friend that had a 10

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    My first time
    A Fantasy by sex4fun2live

    I have always got hard and hot thinking of having a hot hard cock slid up my arse. It’s been the basis of many of my wank sessions. While I’ve had a few suck sessions I have not had anyone break my cherry I know how it is going to happen I just need to find the right person to fill in the void. How

  • Watersport & BlowJob
    A True Story by dale409

    I have long had a desire to have someone piss into my mouth. I had first tasted my own many years ago when I was into alternate medicine and drinking one's own urine first thing in the morning was seen as having health benefits. I subsequently met a guy on this web site who enjoyed the same and we

  • Unbeleivable 2nd catch up - Final
    A True Story by uptoit

    It's time to finish the story> Norm rolls over so we are now both face to face and we continue kissing, but Norm now takes hold of my hard cock and gently massages it making it as hard as possible. As I moan in pleasure he finally speaks and says he so much wants to devour my cock, to taste it in his

  • Interstate business man part 2
    A Fantasy by Lookn4older

    The next night he contacted me and asked me to meet him again in his room. When I arrived he greeted me with a beer and we had a chat. He told me some great stories of what he had been up to over the years with guys, asked what I'd like to experiment with and my boundaries. About an hour had gone

  • my virgin arse fuck party
    A Fantasy by fillit4me

    Looking for cock on the net, Im contacted by a guy and after some fairly direct questions which get me wet he invites me to meet at his place, just to watch a movie and talk. We are alone and drinking coffee and talking about how he is looking for a virgin arse like mine to fuck and sharing stories

  • being used as a cum dump
    A True Story by bbbiguy

    My master was happy how the sauna went the next day after he finished work he messaged me to come to his house I got to his place and went to the lounge he was horny as his cock was poking out his robe suck bitch So i sucked him harder it was like steel today after a few mins he wanted to

  • my first time at the sauna
    A True Story by bbbiguy

    I was rather new to sucking cock i had sucked this one guys cock a few times he also had taken my anal virginity . One session at his house he asked me what i thought about being a bottom i said i love it he said how would i feel about sucking him at a public sauna a all guy sauna i said ok

  • on the edge
    A True Story by cory1969

    My mate Ryan came to visit me on the weekend. He’s a top too and also into edging, so when he comes over we often watch porn together and jack off. We got particularly horny on Saturday evening so after about an hour of edging ourselves we began watching each other more than the movie. Ryan is a hot

  • My first time sucking cock
    A True Story by curiousdrew24

    Well I work on a mine site in north of wa after work one day I was feeling extremely horny so I downloaded a app for man on man action tony surprise there were 10 guys within 100 metres of me so I chatted for a while wanking my cock as I chatted one guy 47 seen nice was ok with my first time so we chatted

  • Marilyn Second Time..
    A True Story by hairya1

    Our weekly session What will be This weeks treat He's got On that Skirt Marilyn's White plaited skirt We kiss I lift up the Skirt He pushes Me down Unto my knees His engorged Dripping cock I almost choke As he thrusts In and out He pulls out Onto the bed Skirt over

  • Marilyn
    A True Story by hairya1

    We meet via AMM Marilyn He liked to be called Marilyn The blonde wig Bright red lips Unique birthmark Right shoulder I arrive His cock Huge Purple From the leather Cock strap Loved Leather Leather gloves Running up his legs Leather whip I've made From boot laces Hitting

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    Long time mates, First time ANAL pt.2
    A True Story by bicuriousguy77

    SO there we were best friends, having just had our first time of sucking each other's dicks. Nick and I talked about what had just happened and how awkward, funny and great the experience was. With the porn video coming to an end, Nick asked how I was feeling. I grinned at him and told him that I

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    Long time mates, First time ANAL pt.1
    A True Story by bicuriousguy77

    Nick and I had been mates for over 15 years since we met in year 7 at high school, but it was only in the last few years after we finished uni that we had caught up again and become good friends. We used to go to the footy, cricket, out to the casino or out on the town to clubs to pick up women together.

  • First Time
    A True Story by hairya1

    We meet on GMM He lived close What's to lose Asian Young Likes hairy Silver daddies The door was open He was naked Hairless Cock hard My tongue Flipped off the Pre cum Sweet I'm naked He loves my Chest hairy Pinches sucks My nipples We kiss Our lips Hungry For each

  • Interstate businessman
    A Fantasy by Lookn4older

    I got a message from an interstate member asking if I would like to 'meet up' while he is in town. He explains that he is here on business with a tight schedule but would like to fit in some relaxation time. I look at his profile, he is exactly what I'm looking for, he is an older man looking for

  • twink first timer
    A True Story by cory1969

    Just hooked up on Saturday with this twink I met online. He just came down from a country farm and claimed he had never had sex before. He was 18 and and in last year of school, so was going home yesterday. Wanted to lose his virginity before he went back. Great lean body and dark features. He

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    Lesson from the tutor
    A True Story by Bayneback

    I'd been lazy and not going to lectures as studying partime is hard but now I was being failed for missing 4 assignments and over 30% of lectures and I had to attend a meeting with my tutor. His office was more a large closet with barely room for his deck with twon chairs opposite. He listened my excuses

  • A Top Time at the Beach
    A Fantasy by gayinthesw

    One day last summer I was at a beach close to where I live getting my daily exercise in the shape of a long walk and a quick swim in the ocean as middle aged men in reasonable shape tend to do. This beach while not an official nude beach does have a reputation for that sort of thing and other activities

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    Mediterranean Man
    A True Story by Bayneback

    In the Sydney storms got stuck coming home from gym in a taxi roads blocked stranded. Driver was a Lebanese guy we started talking and he got to ask if seeing guys at the gym turned me on - yes Asked if was gay yes He was married but he would not let his wife suck his cock and had wondered what it