Caught Balls Deep

A Fantasy

I head up to your hotel room, where you open the door in only a towel. You pull me in embrace me in a kiss before the door closes. I begin to use my tongue to explore your body, I stop to examine your nipples, balls and erection with my mouth.
My clothes come off layer by layer, until I'm inside your mouth thrusting. I turn you over to get that taste of your arse as I eat you out. I slowly move my way up your body to kiss you as I slide inside of you; you moan like you have never before, you are loud as your body quivers with every thrust.
You stop me just to lay me down so you can fuck me. It hurts a little when you slide inside me, the pleasure of your groth inside makes me moan like an animal. As you move I can feel you deeper and deeper inside of me; I can't contain the pressure that you are causing that I let out a scream, a scream of pleasure. My scream must have penetrated the entire hotel, there was no one that could not hear us, could not hear me with what you are doing. You are the best I have ever had.
All of a sudden your door flys open and your wife is standing there as you push in and blow your load, you've pushed in so that you are balls deep and caught in the action.

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