Putting the love into Marriage Equality.

Two gay men in tuxedos kissing after being married

In 2017 Gay Match Maker pledged support to the Marriage Equality campaign in Australia. As the site was born and bred downunder it was something very close to our hearts and, like millions of Aussies, we believe that love is love regardless of gender.

Thankfully the referendum saw a resounding YES vote making same-sex marriages a reality for thousands of gay men & women in Australia.

The fight for marriage equality has been a long and arduous journey. As early as 1970, just a year after the history making Stonewall riots, a gay couple who applied for a marriage licence in Minnesota, USA had their application rejected. Denmark became the first country to recognise same-sex unions in 1989 and The Netherlands was the first to introduce full legal marriage equality in 2001. Now over 29 countries around the world allow gay couples marry and be recognised with the same rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Our hope is that one day who you love won’t be seen as a reason to comment or legislate against and two people can declare their love for each other without it being argued in a court of law.

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With Gay Match Maker expanding internationally and same-sex marriage law becoming a reality worldwide, there’s never been a better time to join and find men looking for long term meaningful relationships.

We’ve taken the guess work out of gay dating with verified profiles, instant messaging with video capability, free webcam chat room access every evening and an Advanced Search feature to connect you with members with similar interests. But we also recognise there will be men you don’t feel a connection with so the ability to block, enable contact filters, leave conversations and hide members from Search results are unlimited and available to all members.

Gay Match Maker is proud of the community we have created and we are constantly looking at ways to design a more inclusive platform for LGBTQ people to express themselves. We’ve always attempted to be a frontrunner when it comes to discussions around gender and in 2016 we were the first Australian site to add 30 gender options to allow trans and gender diverse (TGD) members to express their gender diversity.

Gay Match Maker is free to join, and our sign-up process is designed to get you on site quickly so you can browse and start connecting with like-minded men. You’ll find the site is fully optimised for your mobile device so you can browse and connect with members, instantly, anywhere, any time.

So if you’re ready for a serious relationship and disappointed in gay dating apps join Gay Match Maker and find out why our features make us one of the top LGBTQ dating websites for men.

Testimonials from Gay Match Maker members.

“I joined GMM in 2008 and in October of 2008 met the man of my dreams. We will be celebrating our third anniversary this year. This relationship has changed my life I have moved overseas to Hong Kong (where we both work) we have a house together a child (a dog actually) and plans to go to Sweden to get married!!”

“Thanks so much! I met my man six years ago on this website, and we're still together today. It's such a great service that you offer, especially for those who aren't into the scene. I know tonnes of other guys who've met guys on here too.”

“I met the man of my dreams on GMM and have been together for over 2yrs now and its as strong as ever. I'd like to thank GMM for all their help for helping to make me the happiest man alive!”

“Joining this site changed my life and so I thought I would come back just to let other people know that GMM and the like aren't just about hookups but meaningful life long relationships!”

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