Have been on this site for awhile an have met some hot guys had some awesome sex and played with some truly hot fat cocks .

I have allways wanted to meet people like minded and now I have and love it I have met great people and had a lot of fun ouch //////lol

I only joined gmm bout a week ago but didnt expect much; ive always though of online dating sites as a load of bs.

I have met some great guys on here who have become my greatest of friends, I have been there to see them grow and ive grown with them.

After meeting a chap on gmm and a phone call later, I had arranged for my first ever m/m meeting, was a bit scared but he was great to walk me through my fisrt time,
We played with each other first off which was nice to hold a mans cock other than mine, we then moved to the bedroom where we moved on to oral which I've never done but reallly loved it, playing and sucking for ages till he exploded in my mouth and for the first time ever I swollowed all he had to give, and then I came across his chest where we both licked up what we could
Looking forward to more thanks gmm for the chance