Just wanna thank GMM for giving me my first experience of having a gay fun night with the best person whom I can easily say as my Mr.

I joined GMM few years ago after a failed relationship and promise not to rush into anything, I've been having great sex with guys from all works of life, but deep down still searching for MR.

when i first knew i was gay i felt like most of us like i was the only one then after after years of running amok and one very disasterous eight year one sided monogamus relationship (my side) this naive queer grew up but still wanted that perfect dream that perfect love .

After nearly a year of being single and not meeting people for more than a "one nighter" I came back to Gay Match Maker to give it "one more shot".

Gmm has change by life I thought i was a freck but after my first male encounter i realised that you can have the best of both worlds and what a goup of nice guys