Sauna Visit

A True Story

It was your average afternoon, except I was going to get away from the office for a new experience. Towel Free Tuesday at the bathhouse was a turn on, so off I went. After getting undressed I entered the dark surrounds and went exploring. Wow so may guys of different shapes and sizes. I had recently lost weight and was feeling good in my skin! Guys were eying me off and making sexy comments as I passed. I found the Sauna and sat and watched as a few guys stroked themselves. I was new to this and was nervous but felt myself getting a bit hard watching. It was in the steam room I found the first real action. A guy was on his knees sucking off all comers. There were three guys around him, I wandered over for a closer look...he reached over and wanked my while he kept sucking the other guys...Soon I found the video room, with guys sitting on tiered seats watching porn. I found a gap and sat down. Soon the guy to my left was wanking me. I returned the favour as a guy came and sat to my right. I was soon stroking his hard cock, it felt so good feeling how hard these guys were. I had one hard cock in each hand. I couldn't believe how hot that was. The younger guy to my right had a massive 9+" cock, the biggest I had ever seen. He asked if I wanted to suck it in private....sure I said and we went to a booth. As I knelt down it seemed even bigger. It was so smooth and he was shaved. I started slow licking and sucking lightly around the head. He was moaning and it was getting even harder. As I got more daring I took more and more of his cock in my mouth. I love the softness of the skin on cocks, and soon I was taking all of this monster in. I wasn't gagging but it was ...well wow! He was a fit guy too so my hands were feeling his tight bum as I sucked. I was soon tickling his hole which set him off. Soon he was moaning loudly, and then suddenly he asked me to stop. He wanted to dry hump, having never done it before I though I could try. I lay on my back and he moved his cock between my legs. As he was humping I was grabbing his butt and playing with his muscular chest. Soon enough I felt a warm rush under me, but this didn't stop him he kept going and after a few minutes he came again. We cleaned up a bit but I still had his come on my legs as I went for the shower. I showered around a pole of about 6 shower heads with two other hot guys. I was trying not to stare at them but their cocks were so hot. As I walked off one of the guys came up behind and asked if he could suck me off....Sure I said, but that is another story.

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