The After Party. Pt:2

A Fantasy

Tony led Jamie and I down the hall and into his room. Clean and tidy with a king sized bed against the far wall. He gestured to another door leading to his ensuite. He stood at the doorway, his now naked form lit by the bedside table lamps. I could see his cock was starting to swell again, not hanging flaccid, but not fully hard, just nice and firm.

Jamie walked into the ensuite past Tony and headed straight to the double wide shower recess and turned both shower heads on. As I was walking past Tony, I stopped and kissed him at the door and ran my hand down his chest and his flat stomach. I slid my hand further down until I felt his thick cock and wrapped my fingers around it.

I began slowly stroking his thickness while kissing him deeply. His cock hardened in my hand immediately and I continued to slide my hand up and down his full nine inches, feeling him begin to start pushing his hips forward to meet my strokes. Fucking my hand as I gripped his shaft.

It was at this point Jamie said "bring that Italian sausage in here so I can taste it again!". Tony and I stopped kissing, but I kept my hand tightly wrapped around his meaty cock as we both headed to the shower and entered.

With Tony now slowly fucking my hand again, I grabbed Jamie's hair with my other hand, said "kneel" and guided him to his knees. Once he was kneeling in front of us, he grabbed my cock and immediately took my full length into his mouth, gagging as I felt him try to force it into his throat. While Jamie began to build a rhythm on my cock I continued to meet Tony's thrusts as he fucked my hand.

With my hand still in Jamie's hair I pull his head back and pointed his mouth at Tony's cock, still holding the base of that gorgeous thick cock, Jamie's too the rest into his mouth as Tony groaned his approval. I moved behind Tony and dropped to my knees, kissing his neck and back on the way down until my face was level with his muscular ass.

Tony lifted one leg and rested it on Jamie's shoulder, allowing me access to run my tongue the full length of his crack, from the back of the balls, flicking my tongue back and forth across his hole before continuing up to the small of his back, and then down, this time stopping at his hole. Feeling it twitch each time my tongue flicked over it. Hearing him moan each time I probed his hole with my tongue.

While I kept eating Tony's ass, Jamie kept sucking on that beautiful fat cock. Licking and sucking for a few minutes, hearing Tony growling and moaning when his cock his the back of Jamie's throat or my tongue penetrated his hot, tight fuckhole for the next few minutes, I stopped and leaned around and whispered in Jamie's ear.

Jamie smiled and stood up, turning around he reached behind himself and guided Tony's fat cock to his own hole and gently leaned back onto the spit slick cock. I was still on my knees leaning around and watched as the mushroom head pressed harder against Jamie's asshole until finally it gave way and Tony's cock slid into him. Jamie kept solid pressure and took Tony's full length inside himself in one motion, bending at the waist he held himself against Tony.

As Jamie's was taking that meaty cock, I stood behind Tony, spat into my hand a rubbed it over my own cock before pushing the head between his firm cheeks. I slid my cock up and down between his cheeks until I felt the head catch briefly on his hungry hole and paused. I leaned my head forward, growled in Tony's ear and then bit his neck as I pushed my thick cock into his waiting hot hole.

Tony moaned loudly, grabbed onto Jamie's hips and pulled himself and Jamie backwards pinning me against the wall of the shower and slamming my hard fat cock balls deep inside himself. He then thrust into Jamie's, sliding me out of him in the process, before pushing his fuckhole back onto my cock and sliding out of Jamie. Tony began to get a strong pace going, fucking both of us at once with each thrust of his hips while Jamie and I held our place and enjoyed being fucked. I rest my hand on his like he had done to Jamie and kept myself pressed back against the wall letting Tony fuck us both at his pace.

After a few minutes of fucking back and forth Tony groaned that he was going to cumm. I was also close to cumming and let them both know too. Jamie's pushed back hard pinning us both against the wall. Tony buried to the hilt inside him and me balls deep in Tony. Jamie looked back over his shoulder smiling and said "I want your cumm, both of you, cumm on my face!!"

With that Jamie slid off Tony's cock and Tony slid off mine. Jamie knelt in front of us both as I moved beside Tony on a forty five degree angle, our hard cocks almost touching. Tony and I began to stroke our cocks as Jamie's swapped from one to the other giving each cock a few deep sucks before moving to the other.

Tony came first, shooting thick streams of cumm across Jamie's face, growling like a wild animal with each spurt. Jamie's loved it, his face lifted up with eyes closed and mouth wide open, flinching as each string of cumm sprayed across his face but chasing every bit of cumm as it landed.

I kept stroking and was about to cumm too, so I grabbed Jamie's hair with my free hand, turned his face towards my cock and came. The first spurt went well over his face and into his hair with the second laying itself fully across his face. I grabbed Jamie's head with my other hand at this point and pointed his mouth at my hard cock and pushed into his mouth. He let out a little yelp, not ready for the thrust, but once it was in his mouth still spurting gobs of cumm into his mouth he closed his lips around it and began sucking.

I pushed, slowly and gently until I felt myself at the back of his throat. Not hard enough to trigger his gag relief, but firmly enough that I felt the head of my cock shoot it's last strings of cumm directly down into Jamie's throat. I held Jamie there for a few seconds, until I felt him begin to tense and then I slowly pulled out of his throat before he could gag.

Tony had sunk to the floor by this time, sitting in the shower and I joined him before my wobbly legs collapsed under me. Jamie flopped onto his side, laying his head in my lap with a huge smile on his cumm spattered face.

As the warm water cascaded from the twin shower heads over the three of us Jamie was laughing. He looked up at me and said "that's the first time I haven't gagged!!". I replied "I know, now you have my party trick too!!"

All three of us let out exhausted, spent laughs. Tony stood up after a few minutes, an absolutely gorgeous sight as the water ran down his chiselled body as he towered above Jamie and I at his feet on the floor of the shower. As he began to soap his body and clean himself he said "It's too late for you guy to go home, and my beds big enough for us all, you staying?".

Jamie and I looked at each other, smiled and both said "yes" as we stood and began to soap up as well. As we dried off and headed into the bedroom I followed behind them both, watching them walk naked from the ensuite, admiring their bodies as we all climbed into bed. Tony on the far side, Jamie cuddling into his back, and me spooning in behind Jamie.

We lay there for a few minutes before I felt Jamie very gently rolling his hips back and forth between us. I felt myself begin to get hard and heard Tony moan be continued.

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