A Fantasy

My wife had to attend a conference in Adelaide so I went along to explore my wish list...I was going to meet up with a couple of males for fun but as always they cancelled. So I went down the work to the Club X paid my money and had a look around this place was going off and it was only lunchtime. As I watched a movie and a couple of hot guys get into it my cock was rock hard.They could see I was playing and invited me over to play.Their bodies were amazing but their cocks were massive I felt their hands over my cock as I deeply kissed one gut and the other was playing with my ass...They told me to bend over as they fingers in my rear and then they pushed a cock deep inside me while I sucked one off...I had not had cock in about a year and my hole was tight as he pumped me hard and deep he played with my cock...I could feel my arse getting wet as his love juice filled my hole...His mate said it was his turn he flipped me over kissing me and sucking my nipples till he slid his thick cock into my wet tight hole..As he pumped me he 💋 me more my cock had precum I rubbed it he told me too stop as they would take care of it... By now a couple of others were in the room watching till he filled my with more love juice I was moaning so loud as he filled me... Then they took it in turn sucking my cock till I blow my load and others wanked over my body...

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