unexpected night

A True Story

hi my name is Rob I went to my local pub about 6 months ago scores for me have a couple of beers intro 20 bucks in the pokies next to me was another guy playing and we started up a conversation I think I did I told him I'm just here for a couple and what is 20 bucks is gone it's gone anyway I wasn't losing and he wasn't either his name was Steve and we're getting beers drinking winning on poker machines I suppose because we didn't care if you won all lost the pubs walking distance from me after a few hours is flatmate turned up his name is Brad he was off his face anyway what's guys really 26/28 old before we know where asked to leave because the pub was closing having a great time anyway Steve said so are you going straight down goes that's what we're going well walk with you no problem anyway or pissed and Brad said you want to come up and party still more why not I am nothing on I was just going home to the dogs anyway got up stairs Brad got the 🍺 and we're just hours laugh and having a really good time they said they're take drugs and I said depending either just but as I said yeah no worries I should have known they were Blue that I didn't give a fuk anyway I don't know but yeah we'll talk drinking and laughing and all that's great you come out from the toilet got some more beers and the boys have got porn on so what are you watching porn yeah watching biphoria and I said how Ender threesomes in that a Steve came out and said we're bi-curious you alright that's oh yeah no worries I am too and I said right in the middle of the lounge with Steve on one side and bread on the other than I'm sitting in the middle of watching or different kinds of is it good an i could see Steve was excited he had a hard cock to side of his jeans and Brad was Just on the balcony humid night Brad took his jeans off to an WoW he had a very clean cut cock I could tell anyway I got up and said well I take my jeans off to an i forgot what I was wearing my sexy lingerie Red panties I love them there so reaveling an the back goes right up my ass an my cock an balls love it the boys went alright Rob good shit next minute Brad took his undies of an well 8inch plus an Steve well nearly the same Clean cut big Cock Brad an Steve well one was sucking my cock an i was sucking cock blue pills I said I haven't been fuck in the ass yet is it cool with you guys fuck yeah you can fuck us that's what we had in plan anyway we'll cock everywhere blow jobs awesome the boys should me some new position fucken amazing well I was fucking Brad Brad sucking Steve it was great Steve like cowgirl reverse cowgirl 69 etc I just went with the flow anyway I said to Steve fuck are u using muscle in your ass to squeeze my cock yep well I told him I'm going to blow his mind Brad wanted to blow so I said stick it in my mouth and blow love swallowing cum well in about 4min we all let out a massive scream of pleasure it has never happened again the boys were moving back to Sydney in 1mth so we had a fucken' whale of a time together Rob

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