The After Party. Pt:1

A Fantasy

I was hesitant to attend the party that a good friend Jamie had invited me to. I didn't know the host and would only know Jamie, but he was very very persistent and eventually I caved.

Jamie and I had been friends for a long time, but it was based on sex. The first night I met him he was dressed as a gorgeous woman, Janie, little black dress, long red hair and stilettos to match. It wasn't until we were back at the apartment and my hand went under the skirt that I realised I had just touched the first cock that wasn't mine. I didn't know what to do but when his hand grabbed mine and began to grind into it I just went with it, but that's another story.....and we have been friends ever since.

The night of the party I was getting ready at Jamie's having spent the previous night there. He booked the taxi and within 45 minutes we were arriving at the party. A small house in a quiet neighbourhood.

As we walked inside we were greeted by Tony, he was about our age, maybe a little older in his late 30s, but he was nicely dressed, had a lovely smile and smelled great. I instantly felt a twitch in my pants as we shook hands and his grip lingered.

Tony showed us into the main party and the mingling began. We chatted and drank and even danced for a bit, and as it got on towards midnight people began to say their goodbyes, eventually leaving Tony with Jamie and myself as the last guests sitting on the back patio talking about nothing in particular.

I went in to the kitchen to refresh our drink and go use the bathroom. Coming back outside about 5 minutes later I was very surprised to see Tony leaning back in his chair with Jamie between his legs with Tony's thick cock in his mouth. I nearly dropped the drinks but recovered from my shock and said " this is why you were so insistent?". Jamie smiled with Tony still in his mouth, mumbled something as he nodded and then beckoned me over.

I watched Jamie sucking that thick cock for a moment, knowing how great a cocksucker he is, then I put their drinks down, had a big mouthful of mine and joined Jamie on my knees. I looked up at Tony and suddenly realised how attractive this Italian man really was. Olive skin, chiselled jawline and a crooked smile as he looked me in the eyes and told me "suck my cock, you know you want to!".

I did want to, but his meaty cock was buried in Jamie's mouth so I moved in to cup and suck his heavy balls, squeezing them tightly and sucking them into my mouth while Jamie continued to slurp his way up and down the shaft.

After about thirty seconds I heard Jamie say "your turn" and as I looked up I saw Tony's meaty cock was no longer in Jamie's mouth, but was towering over me. I knew his cock was thick already, but now I saw how long it was. A solid nine inches of cock as thick as a deodorant can stood hard as a rock, inches from my face.

I said "about fucking time" as I wrapped my hand around the base of it and took the fat mushroom head between my lips. I slowly lowered my mouth down Tony's cock until it hit the back of my throat but I didn't gag, I just continued sucking him while he was buried in my mouth.

I felt hands on the back of my head and heard Jamie saying "show him your party trick!!" and then he began to push my head down. I didn't fight it, I relaxed my throat and took Tony's beautiful cock further into my throat. Eventually all 9 inches were in my mouth as I deep throated him. My face buried in his trimmed pubes and his growling groan letting me know was loving it.

I used my mouth and throat to milk Tony's thickness as I felt my pants being undone and pulled down over my ass. Jamie spread my cheeks and began to lick my asshole while at the same time slowly stroking my cock which hard gotten hard while having my throat fucked by Tony.
This went on for about 5 minutes. Me sucking, licking and throating a thick hard cock while having my own cock stroked and my asshole locked and probed.

Jamie stopped eating me out and knelt behind me, I felt the head of his cock push against my spit lubed fuck hole and heard him say " brace yourself" as he spanked my ass sharply one time. I barley had time to comprehend what he said before I felt the pressure of his cock, not as long as Tony's but every bit as thick, pushing harder against my tight hole before his head popped inside me, followed by a solid push as the rest of his cock plunged balls deep inside of me.

I couldn't help but rock forward as Jamie slammed his fat cock all the way home, and as I did it forced Tony's monster all the way into my throat again. I was being properly spit roasted, two men with their thick cocks buried balls deep inside me from either end.

Jamie had always liked to fuck hard, and tonight was no exception. He fucked his thick cock into me like he was trying to knock me over, but all it did was jam Tony's cock back into my throat each time. While Jamie was plunging his cock into me as hard as he could I felt Tony's hand on my head grabbing a handful of hair as he said "I'm gonna cumm!!!".

He pushed his cock all the way down my throat and I felt him begin to spasm as his monstrous cock began to twitch and shoot jet after jet of hot come straight down my throat. He began pulling out as he was still cumming and the last few spasms shot his cum into my mouth. I kept sucking even as he tried to pull away, wanting every last drop of his cumm but he pulled my head up off his cock and smiled at me as I swallowed the last of his cumm.

My head flopped into his crotch, resting on his softening cock as Jamie who had stopped to watch the show began to fuck me again. Not hard and fast this time....longer, slower strokes. Pulling back until only the head of his cock was left inside my fuckhole before sliding his full length deeply back into me. He kept this pace, right up until he said he was cumming, and then he fucked me as hard as he ever had for another five or six strokes before grunting and burying himself balls deep in me and unloading his hot cumm inside me.

As soon as his orgasm subsided Jamie pulled his soft cock out of me, leaving that empty feeling behind, and slumped in a chair. I stood up, and went to pull my pants back up but Tony said " don't bother, let's get rid of them and head to the bedroom". I kicked my shoes off, removed my pants completely and said "well, let's go you two!", and began to walk inside already removing my shirt.

I could hear Jamie and Tony shuffling close behind me doing the same thing as we all headed to Tony's be continued.

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