Delivery Driver

A True Story

I ordered my groceries online the week I was home with Covid so the following week I thought I would order online again.

I received a text advising the driver was on his way. When he got to my place, it was raining & he started unloading the groceries from his car. I met him at the door & thought he was very handsome & cute! He was mid to late 20’s I think.

I took some bags inside then realised they weren’t my order so took them back to him. He was fumbling away & apologised as it was the wrong order.

He then got my order from his car & we said goodbye.

Later that afternoon I got a message on a another app with a fairly blank profile. He stated we had already met today to which I said the only person I have seen today is the guy who delivered my groceries!

He replied “that’s me”.

After a little bit of chatting it seemed like we could have some fun so he came over.

After some initial kissing & cuddling when he came in, we then moved to the bedroom where the kissing continued very passionately.

After some more kissing he took off my jockstrap & wrapped his lips around my hard cock sucking it nice & slowly while playing with my balls. It felt wonderful! He then started fingering my ass. I was getting quite horny now.

We both sniffed some amyl & kissed again & he was on top of me in between my legs with his cock knocking at my ass door!

He then lubed me up , put on a condom then slowly enters my ass while I’m sniffing some more amyl. It felt amazing.

After a little while on my back I rolled onto my side where he entered me again. He also loved giving me some spanking!

I then lay on my tummy when he entered me again & started pumping me some more. By this stage he was getting close to cumming & he took off the condom & cum over my ass hole & I felt his cum drip down onto my balls. Was amazing!

I then laid on my back & he kissed me passionately until I blew my load onto myself!

I can’t wait until my next grocery delivery! 😜😜

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