Trials and tribulations of an affair with a married bottom

A True Story

When you're fucking a married guy for a couple of years, you become very close, go to the guys house often, get to know and like the entire family, become a family friend, invited to dinner occasionally...

I realised fairly early on that he's a total narcissist, but also such a great guy most of the time, so I ignored the occasional very large, very red flag.

Besides, he LOVES to suck cock and he says he really is coming out eventually, more and more.

It's actually pretty good!

He gets what he needs from me (someone discreet), who he doesn't have to pretend not to know because I'm butch, and he has lots of "mates", being an ex tradie and now in hospitality.

It's the perfect alibi, and I get to fuck his tight pink arse, pretty much whenever I want. It's a classic case of friends with benefits! 👌

So, as a friend, I support his family business, comfort him when he's upset, fuck him every chance I get, and no one knows!
So, we also get to hang out together in private and in public ,whenever we want!

He works all the time, so I visit and support his small business at every opportunity. For more than 3 years we

No ties. No drama. No suspicions!


I help him with his work, offer encouragement when he's stressed, we drink together, have fun together, practice wind sports and other pursuits together, discuss business ideas and his future plans

Then one day, because we're so close, I try to gently but honestly bring up the subject if his bullying of others and his erratic mood swings.

It doesn't go well. He goes absolutely bat-shit crazy, screaming and yelling, death threats, assault threats, intimidation threats, in front of tradies and on the phone.

Next day: he's all apologies.
Of course, he didn't mean it, he's sorry, it won't happen again, he doesn't know what came over him (hint - hint: I did! Hahahah)

So, it slowly gets back to a new kinda normal, all the sex, but the friendship never really recovered.
He still wants to be fucked and be a bottom, says he NEEDS that action, but the dynamic has changed.
There's no intimacy at all, we stopped hanging out socially, meeting only for sex, a couple of times a week.

Another year goes by, we're still hooking up at every opportunity, but I've lost all respect for him and and he knows it.

He's getting worse. The bullying, the moods, the lies, the insults.
Always complaining, hates everybody, conniving, bragging about how he's fucked people over in the past, pretends to be nice in public and to others (yes, the same 'others' he hates), constant barrage of derogatory remarks toward me at every opportunity, attempts at put-downs, subtle disses, blatant insults and general nastiness in public.
He even started making offensive gay remarks towards me, in front of staff and customers. Lol!
Umm, helloooo... It takes two to tango! 😂😂

In private, he still wanted me
Around December I decide to end it. Holidays coming up so I told him it's over after Xmas.

So: A new years resolution to myself: I can't continue in a toxic relationship with a sociopath.

The threats started again. Veiled at first, but getting worse.

I went to the police, who referred me to magistrates Court, who did nothing.
So I called his bluff, stood up to his threats and bullying.
He shut up immediately. All talk and no backbone. Just like the judge and the police said.

All is good, I still have this app, and easily found someone else, younger, prettier and most importantly, nicer 🥰

It took another month or so before I heard the rumours (very small town).

Nothing too serious at first, but I notice everything, little disses, local shops asking me to remove my artwork on consignment, funny looks in the street, lots of locals dropping off my Instagram followers, friends in cars stop waving, etc


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