First time

A Fantasy

Ok, I admit it, I was a little drunk. I’d been sharing with my openly gay mate for quite a while, but I’m straight, right? Nothing to see here. Open minded but straight. Then like I said above, this one hit summer night I was a little drunk. Just a bit. My flatmate used to sit around in his underwear quite often, and straight me would always find an opportunity to check out his package. Not huge but not small by any means. I’m guessing 6 or 7 inches.
This night he’s out with friends for dinner. I’m drunk and horny as fuck and next minute I’ve texted and told him to get his dick home ASAP. A few minutes later the door opened and in he comes with a big smile on his face. Maybe he’d planned it all along, I don’t know but I have my suspicions. I asked if he had got my text and he just came up to me on the couch and unzipped his pants. I guess he got my text. I did the rest, I am straight as, but I’ve sucked a couple of dicks in my time, purely in the name of science. So I started sucking. He got hard really quickly. I guess around 6 inches but quite thick. I stopped sucking when he started to strip me off. He grabbed my hand and led me naked to the bedroom, pushed me onto the bed and told me to kneel on the bed. What was going to happen? I guessed that my arse was about to be fucked for the first time. He opened the drawer next to the bed and got a tube of lube out which he squirted all over my arse and his beautiful dick. Then he grabbed my hips and started nudging my chocolate hold with his hard knob.
He started pushing, his hard dick slowly opening my virgin hole until he gave a big grunt and filled me with his hard dick.
I did make a noise, it was the biggest thing that had ever been in my arse. It hurt. For a while, he just started slowly rocking backwards and forwards with really small movements. Gradually I started to relax and his thrusts got harder and longer. He was soon pumping my arse with everything he had. My dick was rock hard by now and my arse was in pain pleasure mode. He started to cum and shot his huge load into my arse, it must have taken almost a minute to drain his full balls. I could feel his cum running out past his still hard dick and down my balls and legs, fuck it felt good. But what about my own hard dick?
I tried to give it a rub but he slapped my hand away. After a few minutes he slowly slid his half hard dick out of me, his load of cum running freely out of my stretched brown hole. He flipped me over onto my back and started to rub my hard dick, not for long as he slowly moved down my body. He sucked and playfully bit my rock hard nipples on the way down. Then he started to suck my rock hard dick. It must have only taken about 3 big sucks and my load started to empty. I thought he would take my dick out of his mouth and watch me cum on my stomach but no, he swallowed my whole load while I went into orgasmic spasms beneath him on the bed.
The next time I get drunk I’m sending another text. Pass the scotch please.

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