Massage turned into a lot more

A True Story

I rang my usual bloke that gives awesome massages made a time and arrived at his place he was in his 60s fit and a beautiful 8icn cut cock the massage started I layer stomach down and my head hanging over the bed as massaged me I could feel is cock rubbing against my head so I raised my head to take his cock I'm my mouth it tasted so good I could feel it getting bigger in my mouth I worked on his cock for about 15 minutes while getting my massage he started to finger my hole getting me worked up I sucked fis cock like an animal he must of liked it coz he asked if he could fuck me which he never had previous times so I couldn't say no he kept fingering me he got 2 fingers inside me getting me ready for his huge cock I then swung around and leant over the bed he lubed me up and started pessing his knob into my tight hole we struggled for a while to get it in his cock was so erect and his knob was huge after some time he finally gohet it in it felt so good and he was so gentle with me to I started to back upon his cock as I could take more now I asked him to fuck me harder and boy he did I thought I was goin to cum he kept riding me for about half an hour then he pulled out and without hesitation I swung around and took his huge cock in my mouth and sucked him till he blew his huge load in my mouth I could feel his cock pulsating I my mouth while he unleashed his load in my mouth I took it all it tasted so good it was the best sex I ever had and I will definitely be cumming back

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