Slave and loved it

A True Story

I meat a person on here same age as me he said to come to his house it was a week day i got there about 10.00 we sat down for a chat he lived on his own we torked about whot we liked to do i said l like to be a sex slave i just whonted to see whot it was like he said good i like to be your marster he started to play with has cock he told me to stand up and take my shirt of i did he waked around me having a look he started to play with me my cock got very horny he told me to take my shorts of i did i had a g string on he liked that a lot my cock was very hard he want behind me and started to play with my ass he pulled the g string to one side and put this finger in my ass my cock was so hard i felt the pre cum coming out l was so horny by then but then it was his turn he told me to get on my knees he got naked his cock was very hard he told me how to suck it i did for about 15 minutes i had to lik has balls to he was about to cum he told me to get on my knees he put his cock on my ass crack and pulled hem self of the was a lot of cum that's all that happened that day the next time was much better

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