Fantasy became real

A True Story

I was amazed one night when I hooked up with a guy I just met on line. We arranged to leave my front door open. I was lying on my bed blindfolded and hooded. I had restraints waiting to be tied to the bed with. I had no idea what was to happen. He came in locked the front door behind him found me in my bedroom started undressing me then tied my hands then feet onto the bed I was fully naked and at his mercy . He stared using the cat with nine tales on me. He then ripped his leather belt off and started to use it on me. He had me pinned to the bed doing what he pleased. He had brought along a huge 9 inch dildo with him. He destroyed me with. He had me for 2 hours doing as he pleased. All this time he was a total stranger to me. I had to comply with everything he said and done or I would get his leather belt. I have to say I enjoyed the things he done to me. He told me he would bring along another top to play with me next time. He was so bigger than me and had alot of strength and I couldn't resist him. Now he has me anytime he wants.

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