2 mouthfuls of cum and a pounding at the adult cinema

A True Story

Since Covid I haven’t been able to get much cock and I had the urge again to visit my local gloryhole in the city. Once in the cinema I pursued the crowd looking for my type. I prefer dad bods and daddy types hehe.
It was a rather quite night and no one caught my eye right away and I decided to take a seat in the cinema. It wasn’t long before I got eyes glancing over at me. I locked eyes with an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat. I nodded and he also nodded. He made his way towards me and sat next to me in the cinema.

“Hello daddy” I spoke, softly. “Heya champ” he responded whilst eyeing me up and down. My eyes were drawn to the bludge in his pants as I pulled down my sweatpants to reveal my semi hard cock. He knelt down in front of me and began to suck. It didn’t take long before I got hard and eager to taste what he was packing.

He sat back in his chair and pulled down his jeans revealing a hard, thick and juicy 6 inch cock. I wasted no time and knelt in front of him. My eyes locked on to his as I worked my tongue from the base all the way to the tip. I could tell I was making him crazy with only my tongue.

I wanted to try and fit his whole cock down my throat but he was too thick and my small mouth wouldn’t accomodate. I kept working his beautiful thick cock and I could feel him getting harder. I looked up at him with loving eyes, one hand stroking his shaft and my mouth and tongue buried in his cleanly shaven balls. “Please daddy, please cum for me” I begged. I could tell he was about to blow and I wanted to taste this daddy’s cum. I continued to stroke him whilst sucking the head of his cut cock. He clenched his chair with force and grunted as I felt ropes of cum filling my mouth. The feeling of warm cum in my mouth was something I missed dearly.

I swallowed it all like a good boy and lapped up any cum that didn’t make it in my mouth. He thanked me, pulled up his jeans and left. I was still on my knees licking up all the cum from my hands. As I was getting up another big handsome daddy approached me.

“Having fun? How about you try this one?” He said with a deep voice and his hand holding on to his cock. It was massive, at least 7”, cut and thick too. His cock was already at mouth height so I just opened my mouth and he slid his huge cock inside. I kept sucking, licking and teasing for a good 10 minutes before he wanted to move to a private room. I looked up still with his cock in my mouth, as he dangled an unopened condom with a big smile. How could I resist, I thought. He was a handsome daddy and I haven’t felt a cock in my ass for a while. I stood up and followed him into a private room.

I laid my back on the bench, and lubed myself up as he put on his condom. He lifted both my legs up on his shoulders and positioned himself to begin penetrating me. The pain subside after I got use to his length and girth. The sound of pain was replaced with sounds of pleasure. Before long he was pounding my ass with aggression and the feeling was amazing. If you haven’t ever gotten fucked before, than it is an experience you need to try for yourself. He fucked me for a good solid 10 minutes before he wasn’t able to take it no more. He ordered me on my knees. I did as daddy asked and he slowly removed the condom with one hand and with the other guided my head towards his throbbing cock. After only a few head bobs, he grunted and a river of hot cum flooded my mouth for the 2nd time tonight.

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