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    Mum new man
    A Fantasy by Franklyn01
    Showing up at my mum's house knowing that she is at work. Getting a firmhandshake from her boyfriend as he knows why I’m here. Both of us knowing why I’m here as he takes my hand and leads me into the living room. “Damn Davie, you don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to you coming over”, he
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    Loving it
    A Fantasy by Franklyn01
    The first time I gave myself to five men I was initially a little overwhelmed by the amount of cock I had to deal with. Fantasizing about being with multiple men is one thing, but actually being surrounded by five men with very hard cocks who all want to cum inside me or over me is something I needed
  • House Mate Heaven - Part 3: And The Flood Gates Open.
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    I rolled over on my back and looked at Phil. His body was glistening with sweat, his cock looked huge as it throbbed and I pulled him down on top of me, kissing him passionately. We lay there for a while, embracing, relaxed in each others arms, enjoying "skin on skin" contact and kissing gently as
  • House Mate Heaven - Part 2: Not Yet Mate
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    Phils cock looked even more delicious up close. He knelt beside my head, his hard veiny shaft supporting his swollen purple head, fully exposed now that his foreskin could no longer contain it. With my free hand, I slowly wanked, I could smell him and my mouth watered in anticipation as he grabbed the
  • House Mate Heaven - Part 1: Slippery Butter.
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    I had been occasionally watching short clips of gay porn during my 11 hour drive. I had worked myself up into one hell of a horny state and I desperately wanted to feel a cock, or something, in my ass tonight...... The company I drive trucks for owns a house for us drivers to use when in town and
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    A True Story by cravincock
    Just a short tale bout a night i had recently . Had been pretty quiet on the cock front for a bit , plenty of offers but making time to indulge was the problem. Anyway a guy had messaged me on a site saying he would be in my area for couple of nights in about a week. .profile looked good his cock according
  • Male Bonding
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    I rarely have the place to myself, so when my wife arranged to take the kids Whale Watching for the day, I knew I could finally host Tom for some "Male Bonding". My wife and kids left early morning and weren't due back until later that afternoon. I raced around and prepared myself for Toms arrival
  • NO REGRETS - Part 3 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    ......... You run the shower and we both get in together. We take turns washing each other, paying particular attention to our cocks, balls and arses. We get out, dry each other and remain naked. You show me to your bedroom, I sit you on the edge of your bed, I kneel down, then kiss you. I stroke
  • NO REGRETS - Part 2 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    ........ We stop kissing, our eyes meet, then we embrace while our grinding gets harder and faster. Our breathing gets heavier as we feel each others hard cocks pressing between our clothes. Before either of us cum, we stop and you climb off me. You gesture for me to not speak and without saying a
  • Hookup went well...
    A True Story by berotic
    This is to the guy I met here... We decided to meet for a drink first but I had a nice bath, shaved my balls and trimmed my bush just in case. It turned out I was well prepared because it wasn't long until he rested his hand on my crotch and squeezed it for a little while. We were at a well known
  • NO REGRETS - Part 1 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    It's just before 0100 when you hear a car pull into your driveway. - "Shit - Is that Mick here already?" - I drive trucks and we had agreed that I would come around as soon as I finished work around 0030. You look through the blinds for your first glimpse of the man you've been sharing erotic
  • He Who Cums Last...........
    A Fantasy by BiBloke46
    With the Christmas Holidays approaching, I wanted to buy a good used caravan. I found one that came with extras that weren't in the ad..... I found the address I was given and there, on the front lawn, was the Caravan. There were a couple of good looking men, in their 40's or 50's, giving it a clean. The
  • Surprise fuck
    A Fantasy by honest08
    Laying in bed just drifting off to sleep I hear someone coming into my room. Before I can turn the lights on I feel warm breath near my cock. I am afraid yet horny and decide to pretend to be asleep. Next thing I feel is a warm tongue licking my cock and ass. As I respond to each sensual touch I reach
  • My Most Erotic Lover
    A True Story by SilverSlider
    I’m bi and haven’t had many men. But there was one who captured my heart. I had not long moved into my apartment when we met. The attraction was instant and mutual. He was a very cute, very camp Indonesian guy quite a bit younger than me. He lived in the 3 floors up from me with a white guy much
  • Meeting a nice guy…
    A True Story by berotic
    This story is for you:) I arranged to meet a guy at a bar but we had reserved a room in a hotel just in case we wanted to take things further and it turned out we did. We closed the door to the hotel room and I embraced him from behind so that I could move my hands over his body finally slipping
  • 2 older guys
    A Fantasy by Hellohello481
    Im a bi 52 yo guy that likes guys older than me,i meet a guy John in his early 60s in a club and we instantly hit it off,we chatted for awhile and he asked if i would like to come back to his place for alittle fun.We walked the 5 minutes to his place quickly and on entering his place he told me his flatmate
  • A visitor
    A True Story by berotic
    I swim a lot at a well known public swimming pool and on one particular day it was empty apart from a handful of people. It's often frequented by gay guys so it's quite common for one guy to check out the other. This particularly well hung guy was standing opposite letting me take my time to check him
  • How hard it is
    A True Story by Bottomguy77
    I have spent my whole adult life as a dominate hetro male in a hetro relationship with young kids. Then after being single for a year i experienced being a bottom in an encounter. I have never felt or experienced what l felt at that time. I loved it, it felt so good. But because of how l have lived my
  • Rounded rock hard weapon Part 2
    A True Story by uptoit
    I hear the door bell Steve is here. I open the door to let him in, we both say our hello's and nice to meet you and we share a quick kiss. Steve stands back a step to eye me up and down, standing in front of him dressed in high heels, stockings and suspender belt and the tip of my cock just showing
  • Rounded rock hard weapon
    A True Story by uptoit
    I had been talking to Steve on and off for quite some time but as he was only available on Fridays and was not able to host we just never caught up. A rare opportunity arose where I was able to host this Friday week so we agreed to finally meet. I had seen his pictures and I just had to have his cock.