First time

A True Story

I was at university in a share house with two other friends. I am discreetly bi but have only been in a relationship with women my age or a bit younger.

We had a landlord that would come over and inspect the property every couple of months. He was an older man, in his mid 60s and was really handsome. He was tall, sun kissed and was quite masculine.

I caught him staring at me a couple of times because I always wore shorts and went to the gym a fair bit. He went into have a look at my room and he brushed up against me a couple of times. I gave him a cheeky smile and he smiled back and then went out to check out the rest of the house.

The next time he came over to inspect the property I was there by myself and he gave me a couple of looks and I gave him another cheeky smile. I noticed that he had a bit of a bulge this time. He asked if he could look in my room and I said sure.

When we got in there, I was standing in the same position and he again came by and I thought he would just brush past me but this time he walked up behind me and pinched my ass. I let out a small moan and then he came back and started grabbing my ass. I let out another small moan and he moved his hands to my front. I was moaning louder at this point and then he turned me around and started kissing me. I instinctively kissed him and then moved my hands around his cock and could feel him getting harder.

I then undid his shorts and zipper and let them fall on the floor. His cock was about 7 inches, cut and a nice width. I started kissing his cock and when I heard him moan I started sucking his cock as deep as I could take it. He was moaning louder and louder but I was worried that my friends would walk in. So I started sucking harder and moving my tongue around his head. In less than 2 mins he came in my mouth. I hadn’t done this before so a little escaped. I then swallowed his cum and got the rest of the cum around the base of his cock with my tongue.

He then said he had a big apartment only 5 mins walk from there and why don’t we go there for a couple of hours. I meekly said yes and agreed to meet him there in about 10 mins. He pulled his shorts up and gave me the address.

He walked back to his place and I followed about 2 mins later. He had a big apartment at the top of the building and when I reached the top of the stairs he opened the door without me knocking. He was already hard again and pulled me into his apartment. We were passionately kissing and he was moving me towards his bedroom. By that stage he was already fully erect and he then threw me onto the bed.

He was kissing me and taking my clothes off. I had already taken his clothes off before we got to the bed. I then got on top and started kissing him again, then kissed his chest and moved back to his cock. He then pulled me back up to kiss me again and I could feel him pushing his cock against my ass. I then let him push his cock into my ass. It was my first time so a bit painful but also incredibly erotic. He grabbed my ass and started moving his cock in and out of me. He’d only been doing it for about 3 mins before he started thrusting very quickly and then came inside me. Over the next two hours he fucked me another 3 times. He fucked in cowgirl again, doggy and missionary.

After I thought we were both spent I put my clothes on and was about to walk home. Before I got to the front door, he grabbed my ass and pulled me in. He then bent me over the kitchen bench and fucked me again. He came deep inside me, pulled my shorts up and gave me a little spank on my ass. We were both spent and I was quietly wondering how I could walk home given my legs were like jelly.

He kissed me and I was able to walk home. It was so much fun walking home thinking about what we had done all afternoon and with his cum still inside me. This was the first of my bi encounters and not the last with this man.

It also turned me into a bit of a slut for older men.