It Just Happened and took off from there

A True Story

Holidaying with a family and I had to sleep over in the tent.
There young son, who was 19 yrs but still had that slim, tall figure of a boy. We were in the same tent and I was sleeping hear him. I had know him for sometime and he gave signals at times that he was gay but I wasn't sure.

So as we got into our sleeping bags and turned off the light. About 10mins went by, I moved my hand over to his bump under the sleeping bag. I started to slow rub his cock, which was soft at this time. His balls were a little lower so I made the move to massage these. It was then that he undid the zipper so I could reach his genitals. Wow this was a moment. I moved under the sleeping bag and gave his cock a gently sweep over with my hand. His jocks were still on but I could tell he was getting harder. It was then he slid his jock down and exposed his beautiful cock and balls. I could feel that it was slender but long and there was pre-cum there starting to drip. I move his cock up so it was on his stomach and the took his balls in my hand. His sack was so smooth and he had little hair as well. He opened his legs wider so his balls could be moved between my fingers. I was geeting horny and my cock as starting to harden.

I thought that maybe he might like a headjob as this point. So I rolled over and pulled the sleeping bag down to see in the dim light the most beautiful cock, So slender and now erect to the fullest. I moved closer and the was able to lift his cock , now driipign even more with pre-cum higher so I could slide it into my mouth.

Moving up and down on that cock which had a very flared knob, I knew that his cum load was going to be large. As I squeezed his shaft I could feel him trying to make it harder. I moved my lips up and down quicker and then I knew he was about to cum.

What a load, by squeezing his cock shaft harder the pressure would build up so the load would shoot deep down my throat. His small groans was an indicator that I had done the job.
As the shots exploded, I guess at least 7 or 8, I swallowed that warm silky cum and the licked was saw left of his cock.

He turned to my and just said "thanks, I was wanting that for a long time".

We rolled over went to sleep know between us that he had just had his first gay encounter.