A Fantasy

Found my self on a gay site and got to hook up with a masculine fit bloke that had me dripping wet with precum yet I still wasn't hard. They had more experience than me and I let him slowly lick the precum from around the tip of my cock and made him take all my soft cock deep in his mouth and suck hard every drop of precum deep into the back of his mouth till he gaged then we shared every drop slowly before I even got hard, then it was my turn I slowly slid my tounge down on his beautiful thick cock that was dripping in precum and played with my tongue teasing for more sweet nectar and the smoothness of precum around my lips then I went down hard on him to feel this incredible movement of a cock going hard in my mouth at that point I was gaging a little trying to slurp ever drop I could swallow, then with his muscler hands flipped me over and with more precum dripping as lubrication slowly penatrated my virginity, all I could think of, Was I wanted his cock back in my mouth and feel the explosion and give pleasure 💋