Caravan R n B

A True Story

R and B had been friends over many years. They had gone to college together, but led separate, very different lives. However, now they were both divorced, retired and looking for new friends, adventures and relationships.
They had accidentally met on an overseas trip and B had sought out R’s contact details after they returned. They had met for coffee, breakfast and lunch and although they got along fine, they were still just friends.
R had recently purchased a new caravan and was keen to swap his old one for the new model and get on the road again ! He had some things to tidy up and remove from the old van, so he invited B to see it before he traded it in. B was happy to be meeting up with R again and was also interested in travelling around Australia, “Grey Nomad” style like R !
R arrived at B’s home and was given a brief inspection before they got into R’s 4 wheel drive and headed off to the van.
They chatted briefly along the way and B’s eyes started to wander. He looked at R’s tanned, fit, body. B’s body was also fit and healthy and the 2 men were a good physical match.
R liked to wear shorts. The ones that reveal too much leg and bottom when you sit or run ! As they drove along, B gazed at the smooth skin of R’s thighs and dreamed about the hidden jewels that were under his shorts. He longed to reach out and place his hand on R’s thigh and gently caress it to show how much he liked R and them being together, but he was too shy and had so much respect for R that he dare not.
R was focussed on driving and thinking about his new van and didn’t notice B twitching and his restlessness down below.
They arrived at the van storage park, located the old van, unlocked it and stepped in side.
B gazed around the caravan, noting how large it was inside and how much space there seemed to be, while R started to collect bits and pieces and remove items that had been left in cupboards.
B noticed the double bed and how inviting it was ! He thought how good it would to sleep there, especially with a lover like R.
Just then R came and stood at the sink area and with both hands occupied was washing some dusty cups.
B seized the moment, stood up and walked closer, standing behind R. He placed his arms around R’s waist, drew him gently back against his chest until their heads were almost touching.
Both could feel the warmth of their bodies pressing wantingly against each other as each became aroused and excited.
B kissed R’s neck and nibbled his ear, while simultaneously whispering “you’re beautiful R”.
R, totally surprised, took a moment to assess the situation, then slowly tilted his head backwards invitingly to accept more kisses, and said “Thank you B, you are too !”

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