First time.

A True Story

I’d chatted to P a few times online and he had put me at ease, knowing it was to be my first sexual encounter with a guy. It was the daytime and I was working close to where he lived. I arrived at his place and buzzed his unit. He opened the door. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting footy shorts and I couldn’t hide his excitement. I asked if I could shower as I was a bit hot and bothered myself. He came into the bathroom as I was getting dried. His cock was bulging in his tight shorts. I got down on my knees and pulled down his shorts. This was it, my excitement was to be fulfilled as was my mouth with cock. He held the back of my head as he forced his meaty cock deep inside my throat. Even though I was choking I was in rapture. We know moved into his bedroom where I climbed on his bed and got on all fours looking at myself in the mirrored wardrobe. He got behind my and stuck his tongue deep inside my ass. I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure. His tongue was masterful as was his fingers. I decided I needed him inside my mouth again and began to suck him. Needless to say it wasn’t long before he shot his hot sticky load in my throat,
I had been awakened. My thanks go out to that lovely guy for opening my eyes to this.
Thanks Phil

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