Let others know you're Available Now!

Two handsome gay men with beards sharing a laugh over coffee.

While you’re cruising Gay Match Maker you can see who’s online and who’s available to hook up right now! When you view profiles in a grid or list view you will see a green circle if members are online and an A inside the circle if they have enabled Available Now. When you view a profile it appears above the profile name.

The Available Now feature is located to the right of your profile thumbnail in the navigation bar. When you select ‘On’, a green icon with the letter ‘A’ will appear wherever your profile image appears across Gay Match Maker.

When you select 'Available Now' a notification is sent to members who are online and have added you to their Likes list. When you sign-out your Available Now status is switched to Off.

You can also search for members who have enabled Available Now by selecting ‘Members Available Now’ as a search Filter.

The feature is available for all membership levels to utilise.