Adult Mode puts you in control of viewing R rated content

Attractive Asian gay man in bed.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! You can upload as many full sized, high quality pics as you like to your Gay Match Maker profile. We do have a few guidelines about photos but dick pics, ass pics, and jockstraps are all allowed. But if you’re on the site during your lunch break or on public transport you might want a more G rated experience.

Our Adult Mode feature allows you to hide R rated content instantly by pixelating any images containing nudity or sex as you browse the site.

The Adult Mode icon appears to the right of your profile thumbnail and you can press to toggle between “green” for ON or “grey” for OFF. When Adult Mode is OFF you will only see G rated media and anything R rated will be pixelated.

Of course you need to verify you are 18+ to view R rated content and view member’s live webcams in Video Chat. So now is the perfect time to either verify 18+ or verify your age so you can access all of the site features.

Learn more about the Adult Mode feature by visiting our Help Centre.