the hot shop owner

A True Story by imintomennow

I was in my 30s and i was at a sex shop looking to buy so lube and a hot gay book so i could have a hot wank when i needed it and i needed all the time. I walk in and meet this older hot man with a great smile and we got chatting over the book and my feelings to men that make my cock so hard every time

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Just a story

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

my ex-wife’s brother had a awesome dick! First time I saw his dick was after swimming and he was easily 7-8 inches looking at my 5-6 inches. I'm looking at my brother inlaw thinking I’ve got nothing! When I got hard I still didn’t have his length. I saw him stroking his Cock once and it was like 9-10


Lover with an Arab Strap

A True Story by goodtime71

After I pulled my shorts up , I wandered around in the dark room and soon I was pushed into a corner. I felt my cock and balls being stroked in the dark, and pulled from my shorts. My new lover took me whole in his mouth as he pushed me against the wall. I felt down his head and onto his chest,

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Katie's man

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

I had always had a huge crush on my friend Kate’s husband ever since she married him. I liked him when they were just dating but as soon as they got married he suddenly became the object of my obsession. My feelings for him made me feel very guilty as Kate was my best friend but I just couldn’t get her

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Dirty bastard

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

I’m watching you. I can see you jerking off you horny little bastard. I know exactly what you’re thinking about while you jerk off. You are thinking about me and what you want to do to me. Don’t you dare deny it. Imagining me in tight footy shorts . You are thinking about my ass being all wet because


My Happy Xmas Fuck

A True Story by bottom4pleasure

I've known him for about 10yrs or more we met thru a work contract in Melbourne but this time he looked me up because he reckons I have the best arse for fun he'd ever had (very flattered as I said!). Sine we have a history and also is married, actually twice, so I know he is safe and clean so thats

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Massage therapy

A True Story by EuroBiGuy

Story in progress Urgent massage therapy required Chatting to this guy and he tells me he is in need of a massage due to his tight shoulders and all the stress he is under. His description reads really well and he says he has some massage oils, and a high level bed that will be towelled and ready

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Fellow Scorpio

A True Story by EuroBiGuy

A long time ago now was chatting to a fellow Scorpio on GMM, communicating with each other we started to discover our likes and dislikes, much in common, major problem is we live on opposite sides of Greater Sydney. Anyway finally we decide to meet, his GMM photo definitely does not do him justice,


Bodyline adventure

A True Story by mic7000

Looking for fun i went into a gay spa in Sydney. I got undressed wrapped a towel around me and went for the spa. Some guys in the spa nut nothing too interesting until i saw a skinny asian guy with a tight ass get in. I streched out and tagged him. He swam over and turned pushing his ass against my cock.


The night l took 6,7 hard cocks Up me

A True Story by Sikfukneedscok

I was just wanting a great night l took a nice big huge dildo and fully jammed it all in my ass hard,, I needed to have it all full of hard cock to satisfy my needs and I wanted to have my ass fucked hard by about 10:00 I had to have it so I made a call to have someone come to me and take a good turn

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Why I did it

A True Story by justme852

I had a private message from a member praising my account of my first time, but asking why I had gone so suddenly from straight to gay. The honest answer is that I am not sure. My then (female) partner had taken a lover and I found it a turn on to think of her being fucked silly by her new man. I wanted

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There are disappointments also

A True Story by justme852

My second male lover lived locally to me; we met through GMM. We exchanged messages before we spoke on the phone. It was electric right from the start and I knew that I would let him do whatever he wanted to me. He came to my house two evenings later and no sooner than I had locked the door, he hugged

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My First Time (continued)

A True Story by justme852

I told you earlier about the chap from work introducing me to gay sex. About a month of having sex either at his house on the way home, or at mine, he asked me to stay for the night at his place one Friday night. I knew that he would fuck me, it was expected and I wanted it badly. On the way in the

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My first time

A True Story by justme852

My first time was about 4 years ago. I was straight but on my own and was on my first day in a new job. One of the chaps there - about 15 years younger than me - was quite friendly and asked me where I lived. I told him and because he lived close to me and I was using public transport, he was happy


Absolute pleasure

A True Story by Stillkeen

I met a guy on gmm last week 1/11/20. I got to his house in somerton park. He let me in and started to chat, before long sitting next to him he guided my hand onto his crouch. I rub for a bit and went on got changed into a mini skirt and blonde wig. Back I sit again rubbing his tool though his jeans,

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Cruising tale one.

A True Story by Cock4you2

Cruising for some action at night. Catch a fellow horny guys eye, he does a U-turn and follows me to a secluded spot. We park, we wait to see who makes the first move. With panting breath I do. Leave my car and after all clear get in. His hand squeezed my leg as we chat, I open wider as he feels my

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An night with andrew

A True Story by Loadmeup

I had a friend a few years ago called Andrew he would message me saying get here I need your holes I would shower clean out inside and get there then I would message him I was there the rolls door would open and in I would go we went to his granny flat out back were he lived once inside he would

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My old boss

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

I was nervous that he would be mad or embarrass myself for putting it out there. But I couldn't shake it. I was going back to Melbourne next week and it was now or never as far as I was concerned. I laid out naked over Dave's desk and waited. It took about twenty minutes for him to come in and it felt

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Sisters hubby 3

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

“I like your new shorts Rick” I said sitting at the kitchen table looking at his bulge. “Thanks, your Sister says they’re too tight,” he said, lifting up the side. “No they’re perfect,” I assured him, as I pushed on my dick, looking at him. “Yeah?” He said smiling and adjusting his dick. “This is


More on Westie

A True Story by UserBob

Lot of comment about Westie asking for more detail. You all obviously interested in that slut or me, haha not me hey it must be the whore because that slut's ass is better known than the bottom of a pint of pale ale in SA! Yall know he's a whore. No kidding hey? Hahaha! The better ones usually are.