My Bi experience

A True Story

How did I get to be a bisexual?
It was a gym day, and I was 23 at the time. I t was fun to get amongst the guys and do a workout.
They teased me about me having a good ass, but I never minded it was nice to hear that they liked it.
So, after the workout we all went to the showers and get ready to work as we always meet at 6 am.
John was the one that teased me the most, He was always telling me he would like his hard cock in my ass until he cum would fill it.
This used to make me horny, but I never said anything about it… I was embarrassed.
He had a nice, shaped cock about 7 inches and circumcised.

So, at nighttime before going to sleep I thought about it and played with my self-thinking about his cock, to the point that I even used a dido just thinking about it. after a few weeks I could insert an 8 inch one and it was giving me a great deal of pleasure.
Now here is the problem… I wanted his cock but how could I go about it? as I did not know if he really wanted my ass!
It was one morning I stayed back as he was still there in the shower and everyone else was gone.
He then told me he was going out in his boat on the weekend and asked me if I wanted to go, but the rule was that everyone was to be naked the whole weekend… HUMM I wondered.

I asked so who is going to be there?
He said just you and me!
Why I asked. he replied so I can look at your horny ass and wank looking at it!
I laughed but agreed.
The day arrived I was excited and thinking about it… I was going to see his hard cock.
Once we got in the boat he relocated it to a secluded area In the Hawkesbury River, there he got naked. His cock was hard, just looking at it got me horny.

He said “now you undress as I have been looking forward to see you nice ass“, as he stroke his hard cock
I wasted no time but I turned away from him as I undressed so he could have a full view of my ass
I was so excited just to think this will be the day.

He got close to me and placed both of his hands in my ass and told me “this is going to be mine today“, as he rubbed it he inserted a finger deep inside. I just inhaled with pleasure. He turned me around and kissed me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me.
As he kissed me and held my ass hard against him.

I was so horny that I just wanted to be taken by him in any way he wanted.
He then pushed me towards the couch where he got me to laid on my back and opened my legs wide, held his hard cock and slowly penetrated me until his hard cock was deep inside.
I was in heaven he fucked me for a long time.

That weekend he made me his slut and as soon as his cock was hard he was fucking me again and again