House Warming

A True Story

My first solo move out of home was to a little place in an outer beachside suburb of Adelaide called Moana, about 45mins drive from the city. I was 19 almost 20yrs old fresh out of uni and I'd scored a reasonably good job (for a younger guy) so the whole experience was one big life adventure learning how to look after myself, everything from cooking to cleaning and entertaining myself.

Of course as far as entertaining myself goes the number one thing I was really focused on was sex, specifically sex with a real mature sexy guy. Finally I had a place of my own where I could be with a man and I was focused on finding an older experienced man to join me. Moana happens to be just a few minutes away from South Australia's only nude beach Maslin's, which had a reputation for having an abundance of older naked men, I decided to make an bold adventure of it - so with my towel and a book, sunscreen and a hat, all freshly shaved and with all the courage I could muster - down to Maslin's on the first sunny weekend and see if my smooth pale bare bum could attract some much wanted attention.

Walking down the stairs from the carpark, I was delighted to see so many nude bodies and that almost all of them were older men. I was already then, as I am still now, very attracted to older guys and by that I mean 50s 60s and older. I can't really explain where I go that from, but its just always been my thing. This was like a paradise for men in those age groups and even older! And that day I was just about the only younger guy by the looks of it. Perhaps symbolic of my need for attention, I somewhat naively set myself up right in the middle of the beach and dropped my shorts to lay on my towel with my bare pale bum facing up and I started ready my book with one eye on the pages and the other on the men who soon started to circle around for what felt like an inspection.

Its hard to explain, but I could feel their eyes on me and it was very exciting to know there were guys walking around behind me to check out my bum from between my partially spread legs. I felt like fresh new merchandise in a fuck shop. These men knew I was there for the attention, and they felt they had the right to eyeballs me. And they did! A few guys walked diagonal lines past me so I got any eyeful of their sexy naked bodies. Some were more subtle like going for a little dip int he ocean to walk by, others just blatantly stared. I felt hot and sexy with all the attention, I just blushed smiled and buried my head further in my book without reading a word on the pages.

But it wasn't long before one guy I guess in his 60s came up to me and squatted down right next to my head so his cock was just a few centimetres from my face. I felt its presence like a third person. He introduced himself politely, I have no idea what he said his name was, he did tell me but I didn't listen. He was well built, not muscular a bit curvy in a sexy way, but reasonably solid and hairless and tanned all over. He had a straw hat and reflective sunglasses with a bit of stubble and a wry smirky smile. His tone was a bit excited but also strangely calm. To use the modern expression, it was clearly not his first rodeo.

He complimented me on my "cute bum" and asked me straight up if I was looking for some fun. I thought maybe I should say no, just because he was the first guy, but instead I said "I don't know" and we both kind of laughed. I think at that point I looked at his totally delicious looking cut cock almost semi hard so close to my face and liking what I saw I asked him what he had in mind? He grabbed my sunscreen and just started massaging it onto my back and then my bum, then in full view right there on the beach in front of everyone his fingers, at least two, just went straight between my cheeks and pushed into my arse and he started fingering me. He just smiled and said something like "I'm going to fuck your arse, isn't that what you want?". He was 100% right! There was no point denying it. I blushed deeply at how forthright he was and that I'm sure I subconsciously arched my back a little and pushed against his fingers to get them into me.

I didn't actually know what to do except wriggle around a bit and suggest we went somewhere else. It was a perfect strategy. I was blushing with embarrassment at my needs in the open of the beach. Of course, nobody seemed to care, in fact I could see a few men back at their towels by now, all just smiling watching and I realised I was inadvertently off the shelf and claimed by my new friend. My suitor's cock by now was pretty hard and waving like a mast at about 90 degrees to the sand. All I wanted to do was grab it and take it in my mouth! Instead I agreed that it was definitely time to go somewhere more suitable and after only about 15mins total on the nude beach I had my towel in my hand and I was following this guy across the sand back up to the carpark and he's following me back to my little house at Moana for the second act.

Once we arrived back at my humble little house, it was immediately game-on and tho I was still fairly inexperienced I knew enough to realise what he wanted and that top of that list was my hot little horny arsehole. And I was now totally obliged to give it to him. I wanted nothing more. I was literally quivering with excitement.

We had a cold drink and he had me nude again, this time in the lounge room and I lay back on the couch while he fingered and rimmed my smooth freshly shaved gay pussy and sucked my cock so I was rock hard and aching for his mature dick. He obliged me by taking off his pants and his cock, probably around 7-8inches and beautifully cut and slightly bowed and gnarled like a tree limb, was offered for me to suck as his fingers kept preparing my cunt for him, squelching away with spit and traces of the sunscreen as I pushed my crotch against his hand.

I was panting with excitement already. We sort of ended up in a 69er position on the couch and floor, eating each others arseholes and our hard cocks in each others hands and mouths, and I was fingering myself by now and begging him to fuck me. He made me work for it! My pussy was burning hot with all the attention and his mouth sucking on my entrance like a lollypop, making my knees bend and spread automatically. I sucked his cock so his balls were big and full and drawn up, he was ready for me and I was more than ready for him. His cock was just so good, I was staring at it at one point and I just remember thinking that cock can fuck me anytime. And now it was time, time to go upstairs to the bedroom and do this properly.

This man I'd met maybe half an hour before, basically a random guy who just took a fancy to my bum on a public beach, here he was now naked again on top of me, in this cheap somewhat rickety new queen bed I'd just bought. He was the first man I'd had in it. I helped him guide his hard mature fuck missile into my wet and wanton arsehole and I'm wrapping my arms and legs around him, pulling him into me and pushing my hips against his so his beautiful probe fills up my generous anus just the way I need him too. He's telling me how good it is to be inside me, how nice it is to have a someone who wants his cock inside me so much. I can only agree and I just want to please hime every way I can with my pussy now I finally have his big mature dick where I want it.

He fucks into me husband and wife style for a while and his cock starts to really glide and slap as my hole relaxes to take him and I'm raising my knees to let him deeper in as we tongue kiss and his warm skin is pressing against mine, our sweat is mixing and salty drips of int add to the atmosphere. God his cock feels amazing in me. All his angles are right and his cock feels big but not overwhelming in my bum. He is just gliding into me and out of me like we were perfectly matched lovers. He is in control of himself and of me. There was a moment of realisation that this man was experienced and he's using his cock to shift me around under him and get ever deeper into my hot hungry arse. There is nothing else. All I can think about is him and his cock inside me. Its just perfect.

I'm manoeuvred around by this master so I'm on my side spooned and his cock is so deep in me it hurts like I want it too, and I'm arching my back and pushing against him, turning back to tongue kiss him as he pinches my nipples and moans something about my arsehole being some good fucking. He likes me. I'm so pleased, all I want to do is impress him. I want him to want me. I want him to breed my pussy and give me his sperm. He moves me so I'm on top straddling his cock and I ride him for a while and my arse is twitching with almost an orgasmic mind of its own, reacting to being defeated by his cock and the guy is saying he thinks he's falling in love with my arsehole. I love you too! Of course I'm flattered and I try even harder to give him the ride of his life.

There's a couple of pull-outs for me to show him I'm a bit kinky by sucking him arse-to-mouth while I look him right in the eyes, its my little lust trick, and I show him my gaping hole up close for him to lick and then reposition me for the ride home on my knees with my head pushed down into the pillow. He held my hips and fucked me doggy style building up momentum until I could tell he was close. I reached back and played with his dangling drawn up balls and held them as he then moaned out loud and pumped his semen in shuddering pulses into my hot wide open little arsehole. He's grunting and pumping that cum into me its so hot. I think I had a little cum too at that point, involuntarily. It was just so fine as he dumped that big load into my anus and I held my cheeks apart to make sure every last drop was injected into me. I might have forgotten his name, and I don't think he ever even asked for mine, but at that point we were one as he unloaded his hot babies into my hot gay cunt and then we collapsed together naked in a pool of sweat on the bed.

"How as that?" he asked or something like that, I just kissed him and guided his hand to my wet cooking bum and he smiled and laughed. I was still horny and I sucked his half flaccid cock again, tasting all the cum and sex on it, and went back to eat his lovely mature arsehole in the hope he might give me another banging, but instead he asked me to "show off" for him. I interpreted that by fucking myself with a deodorant can and stroking my cock while he watched. I must admit the cold can in my hot stretched cum-filled hole felt pretty damn good and he positioned himself as he had at the beginning, right between my cheeks to stare at me using this aluminium tool to finish myself off as I cum properly over myself and teasingly scooped it up and offered it to him to share with me. He declined so I sluttily licked it up it myself.

I thought that was it, but he stayed on for a little while. We walked around naked. He kissed me deeply and said hot nasty things and sweet lovely things to me. We had a drink and I showed him around my place. He was my first guest! I never knew his name but I'll never forget that proper dicking he gave me that afternoon. It was the perfect house warming.