first time anal

51, Male
i would like to thank GMM for the 2 guys that i met on this site.. we started to chat on here and they were a couple, looking for a third,,i had never had a 3sum before so i thought it would be good for me to try,,as i had thought of it often and got really hard and horny when i did.. to cut a long story short,,i met them at there place,,and after sum mutual sucking,,i was on the bed on my back getting head off one of them when the other started to rim me,and wow did it get me horny as,,then he put sum lube on his fingers and massaged my arse with it,,then before i could react he pushed a finger into my arse,,then 2,,before i knew it he had them all the way inside me,,,and it surprised me how good it felt..after a few min`s my arse opened up more and more,,thats when he put more lube on my arse and on his hard cock and started to rub it against my man hole..he then slipped a little into my arse, about an inch,,after a while of sliding in and out of me he started to go further inside me,,it hurt a little at first but he took his time and after about 5min or so he had all of his cock inside me up to his balls,,and i was enjoying this more then i thought i would,,i had never been fucked before but i was surprised how my arse loosened up and how much i liked it,,,he started to pound me as i was sucking the other guys cock and it made me so fkn horny,,then he pulled out and the other guy entered me and gave me a good fucking,,they took turns for a while and i LOVED it each time they swapped...i have only been fucked a couple of times since that day,,and i`m surprised how much i have enjoyed it...but that first time,,being broken in by 2 guys was such an experience that i will never forget...i have been with them a couple of times since then and had a gr8 once again,,thankyou GMM