• Franklyn01 Photo
    My mums man (my boss)
    A Fantasy by Franklyn01

    I’ve seen the way you’ve been watching me around the office, Mr. J. You think I don’t feel your eyes burning into me as I walk slowly past your desk, making sure you get a nice, long look at my cute ass?  As I run through the living room in my skimpy shorts my cock hard, to kiss my mum goodnight? You’re

  • A day on the hill
    A True Story by dave6767

    At the domain in Hobart went for a walk down the side of the hill along a track was getting followed by a guy just a bit older than me I decided to detour into Bush about 10 metres of the track to a clearing where there was a fallen tree he came over started to play with my cock from the outside of

  • One night at The Hilton
    A True Story by westie70

    It had been a long week of work when I finished a boozy drinks session with clients at The Hilton around 10pm on this Friday night and decided I'd stay in town and treat myself with a night in the hotel to relax and unwind. Checking into the room, I ordered up in a couple of cold beers, sat back semi

  • Butt plug fantasy
    A Fantasy by Lookinglongtime

    After licking, sucking and kissing until we are both aroused, the slim brown body turns around to show me his smooth butt. To my surprise a black butt plug is visible. He slowly.draws it out, with a slight sucking sound...it is shiny and wet with his man juice. He smiled and turns me over and

  • My first experience
    A True Story by CuriousCock19

    I had been curious for some time as to having an experience with a male. What would it be like to suck a cock or even play with one. At the time I was straight and never experienced a male before. I had had a couple of threesomes with couples before but had never played with a guy. I was on line one

  • Motel Quickie
    A True Story by westie70

    I'd been working all my first summer, was in my late teens and had recently bought my first car (a two door Holden Torana with mag wheels and surfy roof racks) which finally gave me the freedom to go wherever I wanted. So after a few weekend trips surfing and pot sessions at the drive ins the next item

  • Dads best friend
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84

    I remember losing my father just last year and having to organize the funeral and stuff and having to get all of dads best mate to lay him to rest because that was his last wishes I was 30 at the time and was very happy with how it all went. After it finished we were all at the wake having a few drinks

  • What makes me wet with want.
    A Fantasy by Dicky70

    He was 5'8", well endowed with a 7" cock, which hung gently, ready to awaken. He moved slowly, deliberately, with a quiet assurance, borne of knowing who he was, want he wanted and why he was here. His skin was tanned all over, a surfers body, lithe and nimble. We caressed, running our hands over

  • Another visit
    A True Story by peemkay

    A guy I met online got back to me, he was a well hung top, first meeting was a bit awkward, but we felt eachother out and was able to fill each others needs, he had a nice fat eight inch cock, which tasted divine and stayed rock hard the whole time, I loved sucking on it, getting as much cock in my

  • Swim meat
    A Fantasy by lipservice4u

    I was at the local pool one evening, swimming laps . It was a quiet night, just 2 ladies in the lanes and the usual small group of older gents standing against the wall down in the shallow end talking. They always seemed to be there, but I had never seen any of them actually swim . Secretly I really

  • Bucko69 Photo
    Gangbanged at steamworks
    A True Story by Bucko69

    I go to a men's sauna most Sunday's steamworks on this particular day i got more than i bargained for. I got there early around midday went to my locker striped off and whent to the showers then off to my favorite spot the sling room i was hard and wearing my cock ring on my way there i past three young

  • A workmate surprises me
    A True Story by faulcoman

    I used to work on the railways in a locomotive depot. There was one guy there who always got my blood pressure racing but he was out of reach. He had a missus and two kids. I "came out" at work to one guy who asked if I was gay. But another guy who must have been eaves dropping told everyone else at

  • Public toilet grandpa
    A True Story by westie70

    I accidentally noticed that the local shopping centre toilets were a bit of an action spot on a Friday afternoon with mainly older guys hanging around and the cubicles being used for fun. So one afternoon when I was bored and horny I decided to check it out properly and went into the toilets to find

  • Beary Fun
    A True Story by FattyD

    There was a time where I thought I didn’t like hairy older men being hairy myself but boy was i wrong. I remember back to this one time when I use to visit the local swimming pool quiet frequently and do the usual. Go swimming hop in the spa , you know what I mean. Well today was no ordinary day from

  • Bucko69 Photo
    Darwin saline balls part 2
    A True Story by Bucko69

    I meet Harry that i meet earlier from the nude beach at the bar at our motel we both grabbed a drink and went to a cubicle table type of thing it was dimly lit so we sat together and after a few more drinks we started gey a bit loose we realized it was a gay frendly bar so we started to kiss quite passionately

  • Hotandfat Photo
    It was before I could feel it.
    A Fantasy by Hotandfat

    As I am slowly getting my hands on the back of my boots I can feel the head of the cock is going in and out of the sheath and the rest is all nice to see if you can get me to take my place in the back of the seat or the car and then I think he can get the head of the cock and get it all in the mouth

  • Bucko69 Photo
    Caserina nude beach
    A True Story by Bucko69

    Well I was staying in Darwin i was off to caserina nude beach I've been there lots its a great gay nude dogging beach lots of shady overhanging tree's well i setupmy spot towel condoms lube oil etc ready for some action. I slipped on my silver cock ring on its adjustable by squesing it oiled up my

  • Bayneback Photo
    Joining the swim team
    A Fantasy by Bayneback

    Finding out Istill had my cherry Fitz grew even bigger. "Well, then we are both in for one hell of a treat," he laughed and pushed me down on my belly and used his knees to part the long slim legs. Gazing down at the arse before him he could barely believe he was to be the first inside it. The smooth

  • "Mates" ~ Chapter 2 ~ Bareback Bedroom.
    A Fantasy by Kiwi4Play

    Getting out of the shower, we kissed and dried each other, then Matt grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom where I joined him on his bed. We were still naked, but our cocks had softened, which was ok, because we just lay there beside each other, relaxed in each others company, talking and having

  • "Mates" ~ Chapter 1 ~ Brokeback Bathroom.
    A Fantasy by Kiwi4Play

    Meeting Matt for a coffee was just a formality. Chatting online, we'd shared fantasies and seen clothed pictures of each other, so we knew there was some connection and physical attraction. At 54, Matt was older than me by 8 years. With short dark, greying hair and hazel eyes, he was a little over