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Encounter Bay Anal

A True Story by MatureAnal

I preface this by saying I’m more attracted to men sexually than physically. I like real older men 60+ with a belly and grey hair, or no hair! I like curves and bumps and chest hair. I like character and faults. As long as they are kind, look after their appearance and are clean and smell nice I’m a

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I dressed up in sexy lingere

A True Story by JohnSunol

This one time I put on and wore some sexy lingere and a big hairy sexy man named Harold came over to my house and we had some hot sexy fun. He started touching me up and he started fondling my dick and balls in my panties. We kissed lots and he sucked licked and nibbled on my nipples and he also pressed

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Eau de Safron

A Fantasy by OpenMouthed

There I was, servicing your cock in my drooling mouth. You were letting fly with depraved language that clearly stated my status as your toy, nothing more. I could taste your precum, you were close, getting off on both your ride and your verbal humiliation. You tensed, told me it was coming, and then

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i dream about it

A Fantasy by nrg777

I have always been very sexual and something I always keep thinking about is meeting a very naughty older top man. Unknowingly this man is very sexual with many naughty older sexual friends. I start to become his sex slave and I would start getting texts with addresses to go and let a friend of his

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My fantasy...

A Fantasy by Uc14dad

For quite some time now I've often fantasized about choosing a select group of mature men to join me in a group sex situation, bukakke to be precise. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to fulfill this fantasy some day. Hopefully sooner than later. Just the thought of being drenched inside and out in


Taking loads

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

After having an MMF threesome with the wife, where she ended up swallowing his load, after agreeing no-one will be cum inside of , we thought it only fair that I get to take a load next time. We both wanted a third bi guy to join us so we'd both have a guy to play with. The night came to meet in


First mmf experience

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

After dinner at a restaurant in the city with the wife and a new friend we met online, we returned to his hotel room for some fun. While the Mrs changed into her ligerie in the bathroom we stripped down to our jocks. When the wife came out we both caressed and kissed her before she knelt before us,

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The old neighbor part 2

A Fantasy by Mikestevens4469

Part 2 The next day I was out for a walk , shorts t shirt and normal man undies, and Craig saw me coming home and called out, hey sissy.. come here. Craig I said please don’t call me that, what can I do for you? I have a big favor to ask you, may I call you Michelle. Ok but not sissy and please keep

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The old neighbor part 1

A Fantasy by Mikestevens4469

Part 1 My neighbor Craig a big bellied man about 70 recently lost his wife was now living by himself. Normally he wouldn’t come and talk to me when I mow the lawn but lately he’s always been nice and started talking. The other day he came over with a small plastic bag that had a vapor and a few empty

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Students have fun (we were 19 and 22years old)

A True Story by Sirch77

Peter was 19 and I was 22. Our first time. I was 22 when something happened that allowed my suppressed love for other young men to unfold. I was studying at the time and lived on campus with about 60 other blokes whose ages ranged from 18 to about 30. A small handful of those were my closest friends


Davey - Part 2

A True Story by dale409

DAVEY – Part 2 As I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue I fondled his balls, gently rolling them around with my fingers, all the while sucking and licking his rock-hard cock with my eager tongue and mouth. After a few minutes I began to feel his balls tighten and the gentle moans he had been


Davey - Part 1

A True Story by dale409

DAVEY – Part 1 I had risen early, showered, shaved, and cleaned myself thoroughly, inside, and out, just in case. As I breakfasted, wearing only my dressing gown, I pondered on what the next few hours would bring. I had not seen any pictures of him, or his cock. Would he be a fantasist who pretended

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First cock

A True Story by Korobeit

Arrived Monday day at 2pm in Richmond for my first MM session, I’d been fantasising about it for ages, finally took the plunge. Had been chatting on MM for a little while, had a call and made it clear I wanted to be a slut boy! When I knocked on the door it quickly opened but I couldn’t see anyone. Stepping

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Father's day fun

A True Story by Bootomfortop

I had been sucking this guy for a while he had a fine smooth rock hard seven inch cock . This one day he messaged me saying he needed my holes as I was single and my son was with his mum I got showered and went round he greeted me at the door in a robe come in he said went into lounge sat down


Want to be his first

A Fantasy by peemkay

I've been chatting online to a guy for months, a married guy, who is keen to meet up with a guy for the first time. This had my interest, I've never been a guys first m/m experience and I thought it would be great to share in a guys first m/m experience, I was interested in finding out what he was


Younger 4 older play

A True Story by bi_newcomer

I've always loved older guys ever since I was in my teens. When I was about 20 I meet a guy on this site who I had caught up with a few times, he would of been in either his late 30's or early 40s, let's call him Jamie. I was fairly inexperienced at the time and started to develop a big crush on him.


Taking turns on my love tunnels

A True Story by Tunnel

I agreed up with four guys for a gang bang. On the Sunday before lockdown I arrived at the agreed play pen set up for the pounding my butt would receive then I got into the sling and waited wasn’t long before they came in straight away one shoved his cock down my throat while the others took turns


Being Seduced by Rex II

A Fantasy by TimTim52

As Rex and I walked out of the African restaurant, the March night-air was warm. My cock had softened from earlier, until Rex put his arm around my shoulder and then straight down into my jocks. He began rubbing the top of my white bum cheeks and I became mesmerised and rock hard. I said I needed


Being Seduced by Rex

A Fantasy by TimTim52

Partly true: I met Rex at a friend's pub. My friend always wanted everyone to feel welcome at his pub and not 'by themselves', especially at the bar. Rex was 53 years old, with a stunning tan, piercing eyes, and bald. He wore a polo shirt, which showed me he was fit - with bulging biceps. I was 27

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My First

A True Story by LoveM2M

Away on summer holidays and having just turned 18, I was super horny. I was having a great day at the beach on a typical summer’s day in January. I had decided to head back to my house but dropped into the bathroom for a quick shower. As it late afternoon, there wasn’t anyone around so I decided to quickly