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Fantasy became real

A True Story by lovetoplay13

I was amazed one night when I hooked up with a guy I just met on line. We arranged to leave my front door open. I was lying on my bed blindfolded and hooded. I had restraints waiting to be tied to the bed with. I had no idea what was to happen. He came in locked the front door behind him found me in

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Delivery Driver

A True Story by madj10

I ordered my groceries online the week I was home with Covid so the following week I thought I would order online again. I received a text advising the driver was on his way. When he got to my place, it was raining & he started unloading the groceries from his car. I met him at the door & thought

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Cock in the bush

A True Story by Sporty73

Now that things have settled down I decided that I couldn't do without cock anymore. So was actively looking for a buddy to play with. I chatted to one guy for a while and then agreed to meet him. We agreed to meet at a park in my area. The park is small but thick with bushland with a few walking

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Caught Balls Deep

A Fantasy by Queenmarty

I head up to your hotel room, where you open the door in only a towel. You pull me in embrace me in a kiss before the door closes. I begin to use my tongue to explore your body, I stop to examine your nipples, balls and erection with my mouth. My clothes come off layer by layer, until I'm inside your

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Sauna Visit

A True Story by freddo8689

It was your average afternoon, except I was going to get away from the office for a new experience. Towel Free Tuesday at the bathhouse was a turn on, so off I went. After getting undressed I entered the dark surrounds and went exploring. Wow so may guys of different shapes and sizes. I had recently



A Fantasy by Wildheart66

My wife had to attend a conference in Adelaide so I went along to explore my wish list...I was going to meet up with a couple of males for fun but as always they cancelled. So I went down the work to the Club X paid my money and had a look around this place was going off and it was only lunchtime. As

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Trials and tribulations of an affair with a married bottom

A True Story by SurferBod

When you're fucking a married guy for a couple of years, you become very close, go to the guys house often, get to know and like the entire family, become a family friend, invited to dinner occasionally... I realised fairly early on that he's a total narcissist, but also such a great guy most of the


My Anal Boss

A True Story by MatureAnal

At that time I was 39 and he was mid-60s. He controlled a small empire that he ran mostly hands-on and I felt fortunate that he took a shine to me and spared me the intimidation and tyranny he dealt to others. I wouldn’t say he was overly nice, but he was fair and pleasant. Business-like. Professional.

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The After Party. Pt:2

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

Tony led Jamie and I down the hall and into his room. Clean and tidy with a king sized bed against the far wall. He gestured to another door leading to his ensuite. He stood at the doorway, his now naked form lit by the bedside table lamps. I could see his cock was starting to swell again, not hanging

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unexpected night

A True Story by Horny8inch6969

hi my name is Rob I went to my local pub about 6 months ago scores for me have a couple of beers intro 20 bucks in the pokies next to me was another guy playing and we started up a conversation I think I did I told him I'm just here for a couple and what is 20 bucks is gone it's gone anyway I wasn't


Sitting home alone drooling about some big hard cocks taking

A Fantasy by Sikfukneedscok

Sitting home alone drooling about some big hard cocks taking turns ramming them down my throat while I'm being pounded by another swapping every few minutes raveging my hot little ass one after the other filling me so full of different men's hot. Cum then passing me to the other letting him pound me

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The After Party. Pt:1

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

I was hesitant to attend the party that a good friend Jamie had invited me to. I didn't know the host and would only know Jamie, but he was very very persistent and eventually I caved. Jamie and I had been friends for a long time, but it was based on sex. The first night I met him he was dressed

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First time

A Fantasy by Steve.4011

Ok, I admit it, I was a little drunk. I’d been sharing with my openly gay mate for quite a while, but I’m straight, right? Nothing to see here. Open minded but straight. Then like I said above, this one hit summer night I was a little drunk. Just a bit. My flatmate used to sit around in his underwear


Massage turned into a lot more

A True Story by chubbear79

I rang my usual bloke that gives awesome massages made a time and arrived at his place he was in his 60s fit and a beautiful 8icn cut cock the massage started I layer stomach down and my head hanging over the bed as massaged me I could feel is cock rubbing against my head so I raised my head to take

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A friend's 3.

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

I woke up the next morning still being the little spoon with Uncle's arm draped over me. I could feel him tightly behind me with his body curled around mine. As I lay there trying to wake up I decides to wiggle my arse on Uncle's meat as I could still feel it resting between my cheeks. I was rewarded

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A friend's 2

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

As I walked upstairs with the towels s I could hear the shower running already and felt myself getting hard again as I imagined the water running down Uncle's muscular chest and stomach and over his thick hanging cock. I was not disappointed as I entered the bathroom, he was rinsing the shampoo out of

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Diaries of a slut - The Magnificent Seven

A Fantasy by Blowmeslow

I was extremely horny, dressed only in a robe & driving to the destination. I knew exactly what was going to happen & so did the 6 guys waiting for my arrival. They had all read this & were there because they wanted to be there. I pulled into the driveway & went to the door. I went to knock but the door

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A friend's 1

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

This is a fantasy based on a true story. In my mid 20s I ended up homeless after a nasty breakup, and a mate of mine who had just moved in with his Uncle said they had a spare room. He asked and his Uncle said it was all good for me to move in as long as I paid my I did. I knew his


Tricked and fucked part 2

A True Story by pommyguy

After our shower and a nice dinner, we were chatting about fantasy stuff and just about anything sexual, And I was saying how I'd like to have acouple guys all fucking ,he said had I ever been in a sex swing wit h I hadn't so he Shiwed me hi swing in another room it had leg restraints and hand holds


Tricked but fucked

A True Story by pommyguy

Was chatting with a guy on the net, about MM and he said he would never take a cock, and I joked and said that's ok I do, so after some chit chat he invited me to his place but it was 5 hours drive away, he said I could stay at his if he liked, so I said ok and drove to his house, when I got there he