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Diaries of a slut - The Magnificent Seven

A Fantasy by Blowmeslow

I was extremely horny, dressed only in a robe & driving to the destination. I knew exactly what was going to happen & so did the 6 guys waiting for my arrival. They had all read this & were there because they wanted to be there. I pulled into the driveway & went to the door. I went to knock but the door…


A friend's 1

A Fantasy by Downtoplay

This is a fantasy based on a true story. In my mid 20s I ended up homeless after a nasty breakup, and a mate of mine who had just moved in with his Uncle said they had a spare room. He asked and his Uncle said it was all good for me to move in as long as I paid my I did. I knew his…


Tricked and fucked part 2

A True Story by pommyguy

After our shower and a nice dinner, we were chatting about fantasy stuff and just about anything sexual, And I was saying how I'd like to have acouple guys all fucking ,he said had I ever been in a sex swing wit h I hadn't so he Shiwed me hi swing in another room it had leg restraints and hand holds…


Tricked but fucked

A True Story by pommyguy

Was chatting with a guy on the net, about MM and he said he would never take a cock, and I joked and said that's ok I do, so after some chit chat he invited me to his place but it was 5 hours drive away, he said I could stay at his if he liked, so I said ok and drove to his house, when I got there he…


My Fantasy First Time

A Fantasy by wantolderman119

*** I still haven't found the man I'm looking for to take control of me and turn me into his little slut, but this is how I fantasise the first time it happens. *** The motel room door is unlocked, I walk in and close it behind me. Following the instructions I've been given, I get undressed and throw…


First time with older guy

A True Story by lenoxx

I was 18, I met a older guy about 50 at a pub we used to visit, he was really a nice guy, he bought us drinks and made us laugh alot, after spending the evening with him he asked us to spend the weekend at his weekender on the the shores of a lake north of Sydney, We talked about it and agreed to go…


First time.

A True Story by Downtoplay

I was about 21 and was invited to a work conference/boozy weekend between the NSW and Vic stores of the car parts company I worked for. I was sharing a room at the hotel with an older guy, in his early 60s, who I had spoken to on the phone dozens of times but never met in person. We got along fine…

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My asshole eaten

A True Story by Givemecock120

I had a older friend come to visit years ago and unbeknown to me he had with him drinks, gay porn and lube . He was trying to tempt me not knowing i love to be fucked . He mustered the courage to suggest we put on a porn video he had . Watching the video i got hard and pulled out my cock to play with…


Boat cabin cocksucker

A True Story by Weekenderonly55

I love to suck cock. It’s my favourite thing to do. I love to taste and drink a nice hot fresh load of cum. To feel a hard cock enlarge, throb then ejaculate it’s load and then taste and swallow while still getting your mouth fucked is truly great. My story involves meeting this bloke on a boat. A yacht…


Nude beach alone

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

It was a beautiful summer day and I had the day off during the week. Mrs suggested I go to the nude beach without her and said I could always ask someone to help apply sunscreen, she had done so previously herself so was happy for me too. I set up at the south end of the beach in the hope of an offer…

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Fist time

A True Story by 77buddy

I was 18year old I had my first encounter. I used to go to public toilet to read the story on the wall and drawing..Get a ...and playing my self. One day a guy came in as the door had no lock he push on the door I would not let him in as l was Frightened then he push a little bit harder as I could not…


Encounter Bay Anal

A True Story by MatureAnal

I preface this by saying I’m more attracted to men sexually than physically. I like real older men 60+ with a belly and grey hair, or no hair! I like curves and bumps and chest hair. I like character and faults. As long as they are kind, look after their appearance and are clean and smell nice I’m a…

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Eau de Safron

A Fantasy by OpenMouthed

There I was, servicing your cock in my drooling mouth. You were letting fly with depraved language that clearly stated my status as your toy, nothing more. I could taste your precum, you were close, getting off on both your ride and your verbal humiliation. You tensed, told me it was coming, and then…

nrg777 Photo

i dream about it

A Fantasy by nrg777

I have always been very sexual and something I always keep thinking about is meeting a very naughty older top man. Unknowingly this man is very sexual with many naughty older sexual friends. I start to become his sex slave and I would start getting texts with addresses to go and let a friend of his…

Uc14dad Photo

My fantasy...

A Fantasy by Uc14dad

For quite some time now I've often fantasized about choosing a select group of mature men to join me in a group sex situation, bukakke to be precise. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to fulfill this fantasy some day. Hopefully sooner than later. Just the thought of being drenched inside and out in…


Taking loads

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

After having an MMF threesome with the wife, where she ended up swallowing his load, after agreeing no-one will be cum inside of , we thought it only fair that I get to take a load next time. We both wanted a third bi guy to join us so we'd both have a guy to play with. The night came to meet in…


First mmf experience

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

After dinner at a restaurant in the city with the wife and a new friend we met online, we returned to his hotel room for some fun. While the Mrs changed into her ligerie in the bathroom we stripped down to our jocks. When the wife came out we both caressed and kissed her before she knelt before us,…

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The old neighbor part 2

A Fantasy by Mikestevens4469

Part 2 The next day I was out for a walk , shorts t shirt and normal man undies, and Craig saw me coming home and called out, hey sissy.. come here. Craig I said please don’t call me that, what can I do for you? I have a big favor to ask you, may I call you Michelle. Ok but not sissy and please keep…

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The old neighbor part 1

A Fantasy by Mikestevens4469

Part 1 My neighbor Craig a big bellied man about 70 recently lost his wife was now living by himself. Normally he wouldn’t come and talk to me when I mow the lawn but lately he’s always been nice and started talking. The other day he came over with a small plastic bag that had a vapor and a few empty…

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Students have fun (we were 19 and 22years old)

A True Story by Sirch77

Peter was 19 and I was 22. Our first time. I was 22 when something happened that allowed my suppressed love for other young men to unfold. I was studying at the time and lived on campus with about 60 other blokes whose ages ranged from 18 to about 30. A small handful of those were my closest friends…