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Painful meeting

A True Story by 6thebrown

Two years ago I was cruising at a well known spot for meeting gay guys into link action. I was sitting at a picnic table when a guy named Steve approached and sat near me. He had a bag with him which was full of bondage and discipline equipment. He said I am Master Steve and I am going to punish you

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Who loves nature

A True Story by Lathcharbish

I was at my local beach with my buddy after a footy match I've always been open with who I am and mostly hang out with str8 guys so not out of the norm to go for a post match swim with the guys but this one afternoon it was just me and ****** there so we're having a splash and fun like norm till ******

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2 man Game

A True Story by Cal1965

I was seeing a guy discreetly, when one night he decided to juice it up a little. He had me bound & spread standing up oiling me up when a knock come to the door. I was wtf is going on mate. Well did they have some fun with me, fingers were everywhere & my panties were soaking wet within a few Min.

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Sensual massage

A True Story by biandhorny73

I regularly went to a local massage place for a remedial sports massage. I had found a good masseur named Vinnie. After visiting several times, I was told Vinnie had left the place, so I asked if they had any other good male masseurs. They said yes and I was introduced to Wen. He was late 20's, tall,

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awkward first time that felt great

A Fantasy by Richie11

It was the summer before leaving for Uni. I was young and he was younger, but not by much. I was naive; he was inexperienced but knew what he wanted. We had been friends a long time and had often talked about girls but never boys. He was gorgeous; red hair, fair skin and freckles with soft sandy body

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The lost hand

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

I called my boyfriend on my mobile knowing he was expecting my call. ”So are you about to fuck him?” he said as I tried to concentrate on what he was saying while I was being fucked from behind. ”Its happening right now babe,” I said as my ass was being filled with cock. “You’re being fucked

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His husband

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

Josh was an older married man and he was also my current conquest. He was the husband of my boss Brad. He had been trying to make my life hell at work ever since he joined the company 6 months ago. Brian immediately seemed to dislike me as soon as we met and seeing as I had never done anything to him

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My bestie

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

My friend Megan and I were hanging out at her place one weekend and the conversation switched to her new shoes. She was telling me about these sexy new heels she had just bought. We headed up to her bedroom so I could look at the shoes and the rest of her collection of high heels. “Damn, you have

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My bestie and her man

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

My friend Megan and I were sitting at a coffee shop taking a break from walking around the shops buying clothes. She started telling me how she had been trying to think of the perfect birthday gift to get for her new boyfriend, but the one thing he really wanted she didn’t know how to make it happen. “So


My older friend

A True Story by Thomas488

Continue on .... my old next door friends, friend did not come over. So my next door neighbour stripped my bra and panties off and we went inside to the bed. His beautiful cock knob was poking through his foreskin so as he lay me on the bed my mouth swallowed his cum covered cock his pre cum tasted so

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Back on the Horse

A True Story by take-me-home

I'd been chatting to this guy online for a while and I felt very attracted to him, I'd seen other guys before but it had been a while and I'd been craving some sensual fun, it was a fairly spontaneous arrangement I'd been working from home and sent him a text to see if he was keen, we agreed to meet


I was 18 yrs old still living at home , my parents went a

A True Story by Thomas488

I was 18 yrs old my parents went away for the weekend so I dressed in my bra and panties and was swimming in our pool. Our next door neighbour, must be 60 yrs old put his face over the fence and said can I join you. I met him at the front door with my robe on. We went to the swimming pool and he stripped


Too quick to feel it

A True Story by Ozzyboy80

Well this was my first ever try. Almost 20 years ago, in 2003. When I was in early 20s. I always had bottom feelings and still have but I’m always known as straight guy. I was fingering myself, inserting objects like cucumber etc however it was never enough to understand how would be the real one. While

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First time in bathhouse in Sydney

A True Story by WaarkoolKinky

It was daunting for me to visit one Sydney's men's bath house for first time. It's the one in Chinatown. Once through the doors, a long staircase walk to next level to pay entry at the pay booth, and the door is buzzed to let me enter with a towel and locker key. It was abit strange to strip and get

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Trying out foreign bathhouses 2

A True Story by WaarkoolKinky

Visiting different bathhouses around Hongkong became abit of an addiction. The city is small, and all the bathhouses were conveniently located . On another night, I was so horny, and wanted casual sex with any men who wanted me. I went to a bathhouse located on a backstreet in a small narrow multistorey

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Trying out foreign bathhouses

A True Story by WaarkoolKinky

I enjoy bathhouses here in our city. So years ago, when I travelled, I was went to Hongkong, I searched for the various different places which offered mens' baths. Some were small and some were larger. On one occasion, I went to a small bathhouse, and entered a cramp sauna. There was a mature western


the hot shop owner

A True Story by imintomennow

I was in my 30s and i was at a sex shop looking to buy so lube and a hot gay book so i could have a hot wank when i needed it and i needed all the time. I walk in and meet this older hot man with a great smile and we got chatting over the book and my feelings to men that make my cock so hard every time

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Just a story

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

my ex-wife’s brother had a awesome dick! First time I saw his dick was after swimming and he was easily 7-8 inches looking at my 5-6 inches. I'm looking at my brother inlaw thinking I’ve got nothing! When I got hard I still didn’t have his length. I saw him stroking his Cock once and it was like 9-10


Lover with an Arab Strap

A True Story by goodtime71

After I pulled my shorts up , I wandered around in the dark room and soon I was pushed into a corner. I felt my cock and balls being stroked in the dark, and pulled from my shorts. My new lover took me whole in his mouth as he pushed me against the wall. I felt down his head and onto his chest,

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Katie's man

A Fantasy by Franklyn01

I had always had a huge crush on my friend Kate’s husband ever since she married him. I liked him when they were just dating but as soon as they got married he suddenly became the object of my obsession. My feelings for him made me feel very guilty as Kate was my best friend but I just couldn’t get her