• I Like Men in Lace
    A Fantasy by Username31
    I think the toned male body is both masculine and beautiful. I do not consider men in lace to be sissy or feminine (but that's OK as well if that's the effect you want, and you act accordingly). I just consider it as a very nice way to present the male body in a way that invites visual enjoyment
  • Adult cinema
    A Fantasy by rickiej
    I was sitting at home watching PORN on the internet and decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and see some action in the flesh.  I was in the booth for about five minutes when someone entered next door. He dropped his shorts and JERKED off to a video and left. It was really hot, but I
  • atlantis69 Photo
    oh my
    A True Story by atlantis69
    i had a door to door salesman knock on a weekday morning when i was on holidays once. was middle of summer and was relaxing in the back yard under a shady tree. i heard the faint knock from inside so went to the inside door with a pair of shorts on only. my skin was covered in sweat as there was no cooling
  • video shy
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84
    a couple of weeks ago I had this 19 yo come over to have some fun one Friday afternoon after work I seen his car pull up at the front of mine I was so eager to get him in the house and go to town on him We then standed there and spoke to each other for abit then before you know it we went to the lounge
  • Bayneback Photo
    Greek Phalanx
    A Fantasy by Bayneback
    I saw a guy named Ray who I had been with down the mall. I waved and he came over and we had the time so we went for a coffee. We talked about work etc but as I was horny I had something else in mind but didn't want to look like a cock slut ( I am!) As we chatted an older guy came over said hello to
  • Franklyn01 Photo
    A True Story by Franklyn01
    “Have you been a good boy for me while I was away on vacation?” I ask you as I watch you strip for me. ”Oh yes I’ve been so good for you Mr Frank. I edged every single night for you. I fantasized about your touch, as I edged my cock until the very edge of cumming. Then I edged again and again just
  • Caserina nude beach part 3
    A True Story by Bucko69
    Well around mid morning I woke up laying next to Ken on his side with his back to me i was hard so as promised i reached for some lube and put some in Ken ass making him riggel around and on my cock i position myself so i could slip my cock in slowly pushing in as far as i could and slowly started to
  • Caserina nude beach part 2
    A True Story by Bucko69
    Well later that day i was going to catch up with Ken from the nude beach at a know en gay bar in Darwin CBD and as it turns out close to the budget motel we were both staying at. As i was into crossdressing i put on a very skippy white bakiny upder my very tight shorts and a nice pink t shirt i arived
  • Caserina nude beach
    A True Story by Bucko69
    We i was in Darwin and decided to go to the nude beach i had been there many times and i s a great gay cruising spot. Id had many a good day there but today was going to be something very special. I set up my towel and stripped off oiled up my body pay special attention to my cock and ass i was wearing
  • cravincock Photo
    Beach surprise
    A True Story by cravincock
    Travelling around Australia few years ago with my girlfriend, stopped at a secluded beach in west Australia, when out of know where another guy turns up. Me and my chick were sunbaking , nice secluded beach, sun on my skin and u started to feel horny, my chick isn't very adventurous when it comes
  • Franklyn01 Photo
    A Fantasy by Franklyn01
    My boyfriends cousin Rob was staying with us for a few days as he was passing through town. I wasn’t very pleased with the situation as I didn’t like Rob very much. The last time he was visiting he was always staring at me like he was undressing me in his mind. He was always finding a way to rub against
  • come for a lesson
    A True Story by bibottomtoy
    when I was learning to be a bottom the guy instructing me was giving me lessons 4 times a week. he only lived 5 mi n s away as he finished work which was around 11pm he would message me come for a lesson .I would clean out inside dress and meet him there he would open the door he would say lounge
  • Quick mature fun on a work trip
    A True Story by westie70
    We met up at the bar downstairs of my hotel in Brisbane and had one quick drink, to make sure we still got along- which of course we did once I saw that well dressed senior gent with his deep authoritative voice in person again, and he took a look at my bum in tight jeans and cheeky smile. Up in the
  • Golden Shower and More con't.
    A True Story by uptoit
    Sam turns the shower on and lets it run a little for the water to warm up. He tests it and then turns to me and motions me into the shower. The water is nice and warm just like how his piss was. Sam grabs the soap and starts to lather it all over my chest and down to my hardening cock, he really suds
  • My first fisting
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84
    I met this one guy online a few weeks ago who was talking to me about his fisting adventures I got really turned on about the story's he told while we had a few beers. I told him about how I got dp a few times over the years and also told him that I'd like to see how I go with a fist inside me. He
  • Golden Shower and more.
    A True Story by uptoit
    I have caught up with Sam on several occasions and have always had a good time. We have been messaging each other saying we should catch up again but this time would like to add a bit more to our play. I asked Sam if he had ever given anybody a golden shower as I said it was something I'd like to experience.
  • NightOwl47 Photo
    New Sensations
    A Fantasy by NightOwl47
    We met through a hookup site and had exchanged explicit pictures and messages to each other for a while, but tonight, we were taking things to the next level, tonight we were finally getting together and my nerves were obvious. Stumbling through small talk, long silences and nervous laughter, I felt
  • NightOwl47 Photo
    Wake Up Call
    A Fantasy by NightOwl47
    Your cock pounds my ass harder, my cheeks rippling with every deep thrust you give. The sounds of our moans and your balls slapping as you fuck me hard is suddenly broken by the ringing of your phone........... And you wake up. It's 2:30am and I've just finished work. As arranged, I'm giving you
  • Romantic encounter
    A True Story by lubdub
    Saturday night I had a very romantic encounter with a guy I met online, who turned out to be Top so I became a bottom for him. His touches were gorgeous. Loved the way he caressed my chest and excited me by gently sucking my nipples. Loved it to death. All this happened on his couch, we both got completely
  • Seeking a couple
    A True Story by peemkay
    My biggest fantasy was to find a gay couple, who need a submissive bottom guy, I can imagine a couple of well hung guys swapping ends as they spitroast me. I would be happy to let them blow as many loads in me, or on me as they wanted to, would love to be creampied or facialized, as I always enjoy watching