• Bayneback Photo
    Covid Lockdown with the Great Dane
    A True Story by Bayneback
    Thanks to CONVID I was laid off work and had self isolated as advised. Broke bored and horny. My flat mate worked at the local hospital and was doing long shifts. I had only moved in three months ago and it was working out well. It was his unit and he worked shifts and while sometimes his girlfriend
  • CDPorscha Photo
    First Time Bi
    A True Story by CDPorscha
    My next door neighbors were very good friends of mine. Belinda was about 27, hot, blonde hair,blue eyes and a killer body. Dean, her husband is a good looking guy, 33 with a baby face that always made him look alot younger. One day, Belinda rang the bell on my day off. What's up? I asked... she
  • CDPorscha Photo
    First Time Wearing
    A True Story by CDPorscha
    I was about 30, between contract jobs, one finished had a few weeks to wait for the next to start so i had been doing lots of partying while “discovering myself” again. My friend lived about 15 minutes walk from me and we spent a lot of days drinking and expounding on all the great things we were
  • Aussiemike4469 Photo
    Caught in panties
    A Fantasy by Aussiemike4469
    On occasion when my wife is away I will get my pink silk panties and just sit around watching sport having a few bourbons getting drunk and feeling myself up. One day my dog started barking outside so I quickly checked outside but tripped on the front porch. Being drunk I hadn’t realized that was all
  • Another great meet - Final
    A True Story by uptoit
    So Clive is now ready to take my luv hole. I can feel him rubbing his hard cock between my cheeks and and around my luv. I'm thinking stop teasing me just give it to me. Finally he presses his cock to me hole and ever so slowly pushes forward, I can feel my luv hole starting to stretch in anticipation
  • On Broadway
    A True Story by westie70
    It was the late 1980's I was a confident but naive 18yr old with a swimmers body and reasonably good clean straight looks. I'd recently had a sampling of proper gay fun with a couple of men in their 50's and discovering that I was particularly attractive to (and attracted by) mature guys I set about
  • Another great meet cont'd
    A True Story by uptoit
    I feel your cock on my lips and I open my mouth for you. Your standing over me and say "Take this you slut" and you move slowly forward and push your hardening cock into my waiting mouth. I wrap my mouth around your gorgeous cock and suck it nice and hard. Clive then begins to fuck my mouth becoming
  • Another great meet
    A True Story by uptoit
    Was online chatting to Clive. We had previously caught up on the odd occasion, anyway we were both telling each other how horny we were feeling. I said to Clive lets not talk about it lets do something about it as we were both free. Clive excitedly said yes lets do. As he lives close by we agreed to
  • Franklyn01 Photo
    The assistant
    A Fantasy by Franklyn01
    It was almost 3pm and I had been on conference calls all day. Having to talk to people all day - some annoying, some just incompetent - always put me in a bad mood and today was no different. I needed something to brighten my mood so I called my assistant Bryan to my office. A few moments later there
  • My Covid Fantasy
    A Fantasy by westie70
    I meet with a sexy mature man with experience in the medical world - maybe a doctor - who wears a face mask and other protective gear like goggles and a medical gown and booties over his shoes. He insists on my stripping naked except for me wearing a face mask also and then he has me lay on the examination
  • The boss p2
    A True Story by Daniel1972
    After a few nights of the boss using me. Mostly for his own pleasure as he had never sucked me or even really touched my cock. I had just been used by him pretty much in the normal way, tied and slamed. He must of been a little worn out os he fell asleep, unfortunately i was still tied up. But after
  • Neighborhood watch
    A True Story by Ballsdeepcub84
    I've lived in my house for over 20 years now we had such a friendly neighborhood were everybody knew each other real good . Until one day I was out in the yard doing a few things before one of my regular guys come over for a visit we went inside and fucked each others brains out for a hour or so I
  • The boss
    A True Story by Daniel1972
    I was at work and been suffering a tooth problem. I had very little sleep over three nights. So had day off and got the boss to drive me to denist. It was about a hour and a half drive each way. Im not sure if it was something in the conversation on the way there or i was sleepy on the way home. But
  • My dream
    A True Story by Daniel1972
    Quite a few years ago. Id placed an add in a mag. I had the every guy text or phone me. It was so confronting. Anyway about 3 months after i had a text from a truckie. He sounded so hot. A 52 year old guy. 6.5'medium thicckness. (He lied he was very thick) . Well at least for me. So i desired to
  • Group sex
    A Fantasy by peemkay
    The stories I told so far have been true, but I have a fantasy of being shared by a group of guys, I love being with a couple of guys, being mostly a bottom, I enjoy pleasing who I am with and will do pretty much anything they want to do, through these interactions, I enjoy being fucked bare back and
  • Bikie bukkake: Part 4(PLEASE READ Parts 1,2,@3 first
    A Fantasy by matureman673
    It was quite a hairy ride sitting on the motor bike, but I felt safe with Rider holding his arms around me. We got to the clubhouse, me in my pink g-string, Rooster and Rider in their black g-strings. The boys were all standing around smoking. When we arrived they all gave me a cheer. Rooster and
  • Bikie bukkake: Part 3(CONT. PLEASE READ Parts [email protected] 2 first)
    A Fantasy by matureman673
    After the bukkake Rooster and Rider then took me back to their home. Rider rode the bike and Rooster and I followed in my car. We came to a big concrete fort like building made completely of concrete and surrounded by a tall thick fence of concrete with broken glass on top. "To keep out rival gangs",
  • Bikie Bukkake: Part 2 (cont from Part 1 - please read first
    A Fantasy by matureman673
    (Continued on from 'Bikie Bukkake' Part 1 - please read Part 1 first) . I stood there naked full of anticipation looking at 70 men ranging from their 20's to their sixties all naked with erect cocks in one hand and with a VB stubby in their other. Rooster and Rider led me over to the bed. It was covered
  • Bikie bukkake: Part 1
    A Fantasy by matureman673
    About 50 years ago when I was about 22 I was driving back along the Princes Highway from Victoria to Sydney. I should say I was rather cute looking those days: on the fem side with a peaches and cream complexion, a slender body and a cute butt. Those were the days of long hair and I had lovely long
  • A fishing weekend
    A True Story by Daniel1972
    Im a keen fisherman, so i take the chance any time i can. I got to where i thought would be a good spot and set up my swag and went and got fire wood for the night. It was mid afternoon and planned to get everything ready then head down the beach for a eveing fish. As i was about to go a guy drove down.