Katie's man

A Fantasy

I had always had a huge crush on my friend Kate’s husband ever since she married him. I liked him when they were just dating but as soon as they got married he suddenly became the object of my obsession. My feelings for him made me feel very guilty as Kate was my best friend but I just couldn’t get her husband out of my head. Every time I lay in bed and fucked myself with my dildo and stroking myself I imagined it was his cock that was making me scream and cum so fucking hard.

One evening I was over at Kate’s house as we were going to have a night in with a bottle of wine and lots of talk. Her husband was going out with a couple of his buddies but he was still upstairs getting ready to go out. I had already had a couple of glasses of wine and as I chatted with Kate all I could think about was her husband maybe still in the shower or perhaps getting dressed. Just at that moment the phone rang and Kate answered. It was her boss calling with questions about a project she was working on so she asked me to excuse her for a few minutes. I smiled and said that I needed the bathroom anyways and I headed off down the hallway.

I could hear Kate chatting with her boss as I headed up the stairs to the bathroom. As I was passing her bedroom I noticed the door was slightly open and I could see her husband sitting on their bed wearing just a shirt that was hanging open. He was looking at something on his phone and oh my god he had his cock in his other hand!

I put my hand over my mouth to stop my squeal as I watched him masturbating while he stared at his phone. As I watched I suddenly got so hot and I could feel my cock pressing against my jock's as it got so hard. I could only see the head of his cock as he jerked himself off but it was enough to drive me wild with pure desire for him.

I could hear Kate still on the phone downstairs as I pushed open the bedroom door and walked in heading straight for her husband. The look of shock on his face as he saw me was a sight to behold. I didn’t give him a chance to cover up before I was on my knees and grabbing his cock in my hand. He didn’t say a word but just gasped and stared wide eyed as I closed my lips around his cock. I had never wanted to suck a cock more than I wanted his at that moment.

He groaned and collapsed back on the bed as I sucked him, my head bobbing up and down as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. My hands were caressing the base of his cock and full heavy balls as I gave Kate’s husband the blowjob I had been dreaming of giving him for so long. He groaned with pleasure as I worked his cock and as I looked up I saw him pick up his cell phone and hold it up to show me what he had been staring at. It was a photo of me.

His cock was so fucking hard and in no time at all I was tasting his precum on my tongue. I knew I had didn’t have long so I sucked him harder and faster, stoking him, as his moans filled the bedroom.

His cock started twitching and within moments he was filling my mouth with his cum. He thrusted his cock up trying to get deeper into my throat as I swallowed jet after jet of his thick gooey delicious cum. I kept sucking until I had swallowed every last drop of cum before standing up and wiping a little cum from my lips. He never said a word but just lay there staring at me like he was in a daze. I blew him a kiss before quickly slipping out the bedroom and walking back downstairs.

Kate was sitting waiting for me with her glass of wine in her hand as I sat down next to her and smiled, hoping she wouldn’t notice the scent of cum on my breath. Her husbands cum 

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