Dirty bastard

I’m watching you. I can see you jerking off you horny little bastard. I know exactly what you’re thinking about while you jerk off. You are thinking about me and what you want to do to me. Don’t you dare deny it. Imagining me in tight footy shorts . You are thinking about my ass being all wet because I’m so desperate for cock.

Jerking off while you’re imagining sliding your cock into my ass as I’m down on my hands and knees in front of you. I bet you could fuck me so hard right? You’re thinking about me on my knees sucking on your cock while you hold my hair. I know exactly what is going through your mind you dirty little fuck. Jerking off while you imagine me straddling your cock and riding you while you stare at my bouncing cock.

You’re thinking about me laying down with my legs spread as you mount me, sinking your cock inside me and holding my hands down on the bed above me while you fuck me as hard as you want. You’re imagining standing over me and stroking your cock as you spray jets of sticky cum all over my body. I know what you are thinking about.

Do it. Jerk it. Stroke it. Cum you horny bastard

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