Massage therapy

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Urgent massage therapy required
Chatting to this guy and he tells me he is in need of a massage due to his tight shoulders and all the stress he is under.
His description reads really well and he says he has some massage oils, and a high level bed that will be towelled and ready .......
What could l say ?
Nothing ventured nothing gained!!
I arrive right on time and I am greeted by a tall good looking guy, only dressed in trunks, he has a hairy chest and nice looking nipples.
He guides me down the hall way into a bedroom, the bed has towels covering the sheets, all is in order, so l tell him to lay on his front, check the oil bottle brand and contents out and undress and move to beside the bed .... hmm where should I start, legs and move upwards .......
I pour some oil onto my hands and start to massage his lower legs as l move upwards he spreads his legs slightly showing his full sack and now erect cock, I ask him how does that feel, a mofiled reply says very good, you are working your magic already ........
I continue to work on the top of his legs and move upwards over his buttocks and crack .....
Just for fun I drip some oil on his now exposed hole which causes him to spread his legs even wider, showing his tightness .......
I massage gently between his balls and arse hole, he starts to moan, twist and he really gets hard.
So after a couple of minutes l get some more oil onto his back and shoulders, massaging over his shoulders and down his arms, his hands are now searching for my partially erect cock.
Wow, he says that is a nice cut cock, can l suck it ?
Patience, patience ........
I ask him to roll over as l have now been massaging for 45 minutes.
He is on his back across the bed, l drag his shoulders to the bed edge and tilt his head back so he can take the full length of my cock, as l face fuck him, deeper and deeper.
I lean forward as to give him a 69er and after a short time he blows his full load.
Amazing how a nice slippery massage can relax the senses.
I assume my position over his face and continue the face fuck and pull out and spray my full load over his chest all the way down to his cock.
After a long shower together we are both hard again and ready to play again .........

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