Fellow Scorpio

A long time ago now was chatting to a fellow Scorpio on GMM, communicating with each other we started to discover our likes and dislikes, much in common, major problem is we live on opposite sides of Greater Sydney.
Anyway finally we decide to meet, his GMM photo definitely does not do him justice, good looking and very well dressed, he makes us a coffee and we sit down on the lounge chatting openly, after awhile he touches my leg very sensually in a relaxing and pleasing way and we both smile in anticipation ........
We are both Scorpio's and his lips look so inviting, l move forward to look down his partially unbuttoned shirt to see his chest and our lips meet for an amazing kiss. My mind is starting to race with anticipation, as we kiss again and again initially sensual and then with some passion, my fingers reach out and l unbutton his shirt and look at his lovely chest and suckable large nipples.
We are both getting hard and the more we touch and kiss the stronger our feelings grow, he says lets move to the bedroom, l agree and before l know it we are closing the plantation shutters and getting undressed. He says his cock is not big, one thing l have learned is its not always about size, but quality, his knob is nicely rounded and looks so inviting as far bigger than the shaft its attached, he pushes me back on the bed and we kiss and start to explore each other's naked bodies.
Kissing, sucking , licking, touching, sensual and passionate.
Then we both take each other's cocks, his tongue moving up my shaft and his lips and mouth consuming my cock deeper and more playful with each stroke, then he moans and says cum for me as l cover his chest and nipples, with a full load.
Then like a close race he also explodes, his knob is dripping and so so sensitive .........
So glad I ventured so far away ......
Looking forward to getting to know this Scorpio guy more, amazing feelings for both our stings ......

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