Bodyline adventure

Looking for fun i went into a gay spa in Sydney. I got undressed wrapped a towel around me and went for the spa. Some guys in the spa nut nothing too interesting until i saw a skinny asian guy with a tight ass get in. I streched out and tagged him. He swam over and turned pushing his ass against my cock. I played with his ass for a while with my cock and grabbed his small dick. We then went upstairs to find a room. We found a room and i guided him into the doggy position. He was willing submissive keeeen. I wanted to bone his tight little ass. I played with his ass for a while with my cock. He was getting excited. Not yet entering him. I turned him around to suck my cock and he went straight for it. I pulled his hands away and let him suck for ages. I kept pushing his head down further and further onto my cock. After a while i thought to turn him back and fuck him and when i turned him he said do you want to fuck me now or can i keep sucking. I grabbed his head and pushed it straight back down on my cock. After a while i could feel i was going to blow. I pushed his head down further and blew my load into his throat. He gagged a bit but kept his mouth around my cock. He then gently sucked my cock clean. Im disappointed i didnt plough his tight ass again and again but a great blow job none the less.

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