The night l took 6,7 hard cocks Up me

I was just wanting a great night l took a nice big huge dildo and fully jammed it all in my ass hard,, I needed to have it all full of hard cock to satisfy my needs and I wanted to have my ass fucked hard by about 10:00 I had to have it so I made a call to have someone come to me and take a good turn fucking my needy little ass and he did fuck it all full of hard cock and cum up me so much he then asks me do I want to have a great time and take his friend who was just outside,, before I had the chance to answer he was in the door, cock out and fucking shoving it all up me so fucking hard it hurt at first but I loved it and I gladly took the both of them and had my ass FUCKED and FUCKED and completely all full of CUM I was loving it all!! They had me about 5 times each and every inch of hard cock in me was the best. After they had a few turns up me I started to notice that there was an extra big huge cock jammed up me so I took that and fully enjoyed the 3 taking turns a few hours later I am getting my mouth and my ass fucked by two guys in my mouth and two guys with both of their cocks fucking my ass hard until I took 6or 7 hard up me several times and all of them cum Up me I was dripping cum every where and they just kept fucking me so I took the most cock I have ever had and I took it all so many times for so long I fucking loved it and I will gladly take another 5,6,7 and completely love taking every one of them and take them a couple of times each hope you all enjoy my love of hard cock and I hope to have yours someday ;;)))). Xx

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