Why I did it

I had a private message from a member praising my account of my first time, but asking why I had gone so suddenly from straight to gay. The honest answer is that I am not sure. My then (female) partner had taken a lover and I found it a turn on to think of her being fucked silly by her new man. I wanted it to be me being fucked. I had fantasised about it for a while but had done nothing. Then I started a new job and the man giving me a lift home was a Gay man. At his house - as I wrote in the original account - he came out of his bedroom after showering, naked and towelling himself dry. He came over to where I was sitting on the settee and I willingly accepted his cock in my mouth. The rest is history. After he had given me a - mostly painful- fucking, I was lying with him still inside me and a bit dazed to be honest. I asked him why he had been so brave and he told me that he could tell that the sight of him naked was pleasing me, so he knew that I was up for it. He said that when his eyes caught mine around the office, he could see that I was interested and so he had set out to get me in bed. I am so glad that He did, because the memory of him inside me, my legs around his neck, and the pounding of his body still makes me get a stiff one.

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