My First Time (continued)

I told you earlier about the chap from work introducing me to gay sex. About a month of having sex either at his house on the way home, or at mine, he asked me to stay for the night at his place one Friday night. I knew that he would fuck me, it was expected and I wanted it badly. On the way in the car, he would put his hand on my cock and I would be helplessly hard. As soon as we were home, the breathless kissing would start and off would come our clothes and straight into the bedroom. We were exclusive - he was my first and only one at the time - and he had decided that he wanted me bareback. He was the boss and what he said, went. He wasn’t a bully, but when he wanted sex, he made it clear, and my answer was always: yes, please. The evening that I stayed, he fucked me twice - the second time he stayed inside me after coming and I pushed back and kept deliciously squirming whilst we were locked together. What was lovely was that it was the first time that it hadn’t hurt. He was forceful but gentle. I just loved having his semen inside me and made me feel special and complete. We dropped off to sleep, but I awoke just as he was entering me from the rear, I wanted to pretend that I was asleep, but it was too nice and anyway, he was the boss and he took me when he wanted. He took me first thing in the morning as well, so we did it 4 times in all. I went home, but I was wet all day and I felt his semen run down my leg; just gorgeous.

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