My first time

My first time was about 4 years ago. I was straight but on my own and was on my first day in a new job. One of the chaps there - about 15 years younger than me - was quite friendly and asked me where I lived. I told him and because he lived close to me and I was using public transport, he was happy to take me home. For the first few nights, it went well, although I did notice him touching my knee ‘accidentally’ many times. One night, on the way home, he asked me in for a drink to celebrate the first week being over. I sat on the settee, enjoying a drink and he excused himself to have a shower. He came back a short while later, stark naked and drying himself with a towel. My eyes were naturally drawn to his cock; it was errect and it looked enormous. He came over to me and I could feel it jutting against my chest. I opened my mouth and he put it inside; it seemed so natural and I knew that I was hard also and my heart was thumping. He kissed me and it was lovely and without a word he took off my shirt and trousers and held my cock; I was helpless. We we went into his bedroom, but not before he had taken off my underpants. We lay on his bed, kissing and fondling as I lay on my back. I couldn’t help it, but my legs just spread out for him. He attempted to enter me without lube and it was so painful I had to stop him. He went and got some Vaseline and covered his cock with it before putting loads inside me. My legs opened wider than I could imagine that they could. It took several attempts before I could get over the pain, but eventually it was most of the way in. He put a pillow under my back and put my legs over his shoulders and just gently fucked me. He came with a huge grunt and although I couldn’t feel it, I knew that he was filling me with his semen, owning me and making me his property and I loved the wet feeling afterwards. We did this three or four times a week and every night, he dropped me home and I felt so pleased, knowing his semen was inside me. And that was my first time.

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