Absolute pleasure

I met a guy on gmm last week 1/11/20.
I got to his house in somerton park. He let me in and started to chat, before long sitting next to him he guided my hand onto his crouch. I rub for a bit and went on got changed into a mini skirt and blonde wig.
Back I sit again rubbing his tool though his jeans, I un zipped his pants and pulled his 7inch thick uncut cock out. I teased him resting my head on his belly gently licking the head, he pull his pants down and his hand found my arse grabing my little cheeks, I rubbed my lips along his sharft cupping his balls and licking them he then put his hand on my head to indicate he wanted in my hot mouth, I waited a bit to tease and see him throb. Then I slid my mouth over his then hot twiching cock. I turned onto the floor on my knees, my favourite position! I tried to deep throat his beautiful dick. I sucked on his dick gently, slowly and deeply every now and then putting his shaved balls in my mouth, I was so excited, I teased and sucked for 28mins. I made eye contact and asked if he wanted to put it in my arse. He said keep going its amazing. After a while he stood up grabbed my head and softly started to fuck my face I immediately said harded! He pushed and loved it I could his heart beat in his cock. I would stop sometimes with him deep in my mouth to breath and enjoy feeling him throb in me , he'd reach over and grab my arse and waist, then he said he wanted to cum in my mouth but first wanted to get in my little arse. We lubed up and he put his tip in my butt from behind it was so hot I loved it, he slid in and out of me unable to get fully in, my cheek wrapped around his warm dick, after a bit I started to blow without touching myself. We stopped I turned and said now blow in my mouth daddy, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my face, after 2mins he said I need to sit his legs were shaking, I gave him head with slowly long deep strokes until he went yeap yeap yeap I'm gonna, oh he flooded my whole mouth with a huge load. I don't normally swallow on the first meet but this was so exciting, I let his juice ooze out over his hard dick and I licked it off like an ice cream. Then I realised we took no videos. We chatted for a bit and I left. Catching up again in about a month when he can. He has a wife and has to be discrete.

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