Cruising tale one.

Cruising for some action at night. Catch a fellow horny guys eye, he does a U-turn and follows me to a secluded spot. We park, we wait to see who makes the first move. With panting breath I do. Leave my car and after all clear get in. His hand squeezed my leg as we chat, I open wider as he feels my cock swell inside my jeans. He unzips me and out springs my weeping hard cock from my wet jocks. I lift up my shirt, and his head slowly goes to my nipples which he licks and softly chews on as my cock swells noticeably further. He then slides his hand down the back of my open jeans, I feel the cold lube on his finger circle my hole as his face hovers above my weeping waiting cock head. I lift up to allow his finger to work my tight hole as he pushes his tongue into the eye of my cock, and takes it deep into his hot mouth. His unshaven face half hurts my tender skin as he groans with pleasure...

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