An night with andrew

I had a friend a few years ago called Andrew he would message me saying get here I need your holes I would shower clean out inside and get there then I would message him I was there the rolls door would open and in I would go we went to his granny flat out back were he lived once inside he would say strip so I would then he would order me to suck him do on my knees I would be he would almost be hard as it hit my lips then down my throat seven inches would go he would guide my head and call me names then he would say on bed he would work a dildo in me then have me suck him more when he was ready I would lay on bed and push back as he entered me and fucked me hard and deep he would say how much. He liked my tight ass and would cum in me deep most time he would pull out have me suck the cum from his cock then. Fuck me again till he added a second load Andrew over the time we were friends pumped do much cum into me it was a great friendship once he was gone I left till next message which was normally a few days later

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