My old boss

I was nervous that he would be mad or embarrass myself for putting it out there. But I couldn't shake it. I was going back to Melbourne next week and it was now or never as far as I was concerned. I laid out naked over Dave's desk and waited. It took about twenty minutes for him to come in and it felt like the longest wait of my life.
"What the..." He started to say but stopped talking.
I said nothing, legs open and ready to take him if that's what wanted, and I hoped it was.
He walked back and forth a few times and the room was nearly silent. And that's when I heard it, Dave started to undo his belt and got behind me.
"You want this?" He asked, slapping his cock on my ass cheek.
I turned and looked back nodding my head yes to him.
"I need to hear it, I want your consent," he told me.
"Yes, Dave. I want your cock," I felt the words fade off as I could barely get it out.
"Okay, then I guess you'll get it," he said spitting in his hand and moving it around his cock and doing the same for my hole.
I felt his thumb circle my ring and he quickly replaced it with his hard dick.
"Tell me you want me to fuck you," he said, teasing me with his cock.
"I want you to fuck me, Dave" I replied looking back. "Please," I added.
As I looked him in the eye he pushed forward and I felt the head of his cock pop inside of me. Eyes locked my Bosd moved forward until my ass had swallowed him up and I felt his stomach pressing against me.
"Fuck! I needed this," I moaned.
"Me too," he smiled and began to fuck me.

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