Sisters hubby 3

“I like your new shorts Rick” I said sitting at the kitchen table looking at his bulge.
“Thanks, your Sister says they’re too tight,” he said, lifting up the side.
“No they’re perfect,” I assured him, as I pushed on my dick, looking at him.
“Yeah?” He said smiling and adjusting his dick. “This is what you like about him isn’t it?” He asked, looking back up at me.
“Maybe,” I smirked.
He walked up to the table and stood right next to me and I reached out and grabbed it. I started palming my sister's husband's dick through his new shorts and he just smiled and enjoyed it.
“You could take it out, you could use a mouth if you’re in the mood,” he said, stepping closer.
“I’m always in the mood for your dick, Rick” I said pulling down the front of them and started sucking.

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