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Being gay isn't that easy, especially when you are a celebrity. As the world gets to know about you, the obvious reaction that surfaces is "ugh"! By far it crops up as spicy gossip and poses an adverse impact on your professional life. However, as you look at the ratio of celebrities disclosing their sexuality, you can surely bet that famous gay people have been coming out of the closet for the past few decades, sidelining the problems that might occur. Below are the names of some of the most famous gay celebrities in the world.

Topping the list is the famous pianist singer and musician of all times Elton John. The great ‘rock star' shot to fame in the year 1970 after releasing his album "Your Song". That very same decade the rock pianist declared himself a bisexual.

Next in line on the famous gay people list is Rupert Everett, a well-known actor and a strong personality to rise above the stigma attached to the gay community. In fact, he was equally comfortable with heterosexual roles and executed his job with ease.

Now, once you shift your gaze from the tinsel town to the world of literature, here awaits you the story of Christopher Rice, a celebrated American Author. In his first novel "A Density of Souls", the author describes the life of four young men, one of whom is a gay and is said to be loosely based on his own life.

In the world of music, the name that resonates in the category of famous gay people is that of the eminent English singer-songwriter George Michael. With six hit albums in his kitty and two Grammy Awards under his belt, the singer has given the world some of the greatest hits in the last century. In his personal life he got romantically linked with several women. However, he successfully hid his gay nature until being caught in a sting operation. After the incident, he spoke openly about his sexuality.

Following him comes the name of another hunk with a soulful voice showing off his skills in the genre of soft rock, Stephen Gately – the famous Irish singer and songwriter of the chart-topping band Boyzone. He came out publicly speaking about his sexuality in "The Sun" on 16th June 1999. He is presumed to be residing with his boyfriend in Amsterdam.

Next in the famous gay people list is the famed Queen Member, songwriter, vocalist, pianist and singer Freddie Mercury. Even though Freddie did have a steady relationship with a lady for a long time, he finally surfaced with the truth about his sexual orientation in 1974. In a New Musical Express Interview, he revealed that he was gay. He was finally diagnosed with AIDS and died of bronchial pneumonia at the age of 45.

To further join the list is the famous British stage and screen actor Ian Mckellen. The famous ‘magneto' of the X-Men came out in the public in the late ‘80s on a BBC Radio program stating his gay nature. At present, he lives with his partner Sean Mathias in Limehouse.

Kids are surely quite popular with the character of Fegan Floop in Spy Kids. Well, the famous Scottish actor Alan Cumming, pretty well known as Nightcrawler in X2: X-men United and Fegan Floop were dramatically linked with various men after his separation with Hilary Lyon. At present, he is married to Grant Shaffer.

Nathan Lane is another to join the famous gay people list, the voice of Snowbell in Stuart Little 2 and the star of The Birdcage confessed to his mother at the age of 21 that he is gay. However, he came out in public after the gruesome murder of gay American student Matthew Shepard.

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