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    best massage ever.
    A Fantasy by bottomcoral

    On the noticeboard in the foyer where i live was a notice saying, free massage for a couple who were doing a massage course and they needed people to practice on, i called the number and the guy said he and his mate would be home that night and to come arround, when i got there i noticed they were both

  • Lunch at the sauna
    A True Story by Butt2Play

    Hello there, I thought I would share a fantastic experience I had a few weeks ago. I was at work and getting bored and procrastinating. Lunch time was looming on me. I decided to go for a walk and this innocently took me to one of the city's saunas that I visit every now and then. Having nothing

  • The Spa
    A Fantasy by diveinhere

    The jets were warm on my body. I felt sleepy, relaxed… letting all the stress go. I hadn’t notice the extra person in the spa, but when I did notice I was attracted to him instantly. Slight beard growing, shaved head, hairy chest and ‘I wonder what the bubbles are hiding?’ I was to find out over

  • horny as
    A True Story by diveinhere

    i had the day off today and was feeling rather horny. i hadn't been to a beat for a long time and decided to cruise on down to foreshore drive, despite all the stuff about cops. yes, it is slower now. anyway, found myself parked and into the bushes. nothing much happened for a while thought...'if

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    Hot Summer's Day
    A Fantasy by Suck_hard

    It was a hot summer’s day. I decided early in the morning that I needed to go down to the local pool and cool off. Donned the favourite pair of speedos and made my across to the pool. When I got there it was packed. People everywhere but I managed to shake off the towel on a spot on the lawn and

  • Lunchtime at the shopping centre
    A True Story by nortonpark

    I worked in a department store at a shopping centre in Melbourne. I had the hots for a young guy about 19 years old who worked in the shop opposite. I used to watch him all the time and get so hard. At lunchtime, I would watch him from a distance, and I noticed that he would go into one of the toilets

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    lucky lawnmower guy.
    A True Story by bottomcoral

    when i had a lawnmowing round in my early thirties i got called to a new job, when i got there i realised it was a gay couple who had rung to have their yard cleaned up, im straight looking and acting and i could tell they were watching my arse as i was weeding around the back fence near the pool so

  • Oh My God!!!!!
    A True Story by hotguy1233

    One afternoon I was quite horny so I decided to log onto GMM. I was talking to a guy and at the time I was attached due to be married within 6 months or so. I was chatting with a guy and out of the blue decided that I wanted to fuck another guy. There were alot of butterflies in my belly. i called

  • leaning the way
    A True Story by hardonenow

    In my teen years growing up in sydneys northen beaches, I decided to make the most of summer and have a day off work at the beach. It was a very hot day so I stripped down to my speedos and a sunbake. After lying there for about half an hour I noticed a man walking his dog towards me. He came over

  • first time for 30 years
    A True Story by PebbleB

    i,ve recently retired when i was in my 20s i had sex with a few guys being bored i found this site and met a guy who wanted me to suck, rim+ let him fuck me i was scared as hell so i arranged to meet in a real public place so i,d have a escape if i chickened out i didn,t we went to a quiet place on woorim

  • my first gangbang
    A True Story by painboi

    well here goes,i had been going to the muscle room in newcastle for a couple of months when it was open and loved to walk around nude ,i felt so free, id had a few encounters and had some fun but wanted more but was too shy,anyway one saturday arvo the place was packed and i hooked up with a hot guy,6foot

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    double glory hole
    A True Story by bottomcoral

    when i was about 20 i went into an old toilet block, it had 3 cubicles and a hole through each wall, i went into middle one as the first was occcupied, a few seconds later a nice size cock came through so i got down and slowly started sucking it, then someone came into third cubicle and it wasnt long

  • being used
    A True Story by bazzer5o

    hi a while back i went to a new masters house for a session, when i arrived i went to the back door then got undressed and blind foulded myself and put a noose round my neck. then wait on my knees for sir to come and do what he wanted with me, when he came out to fetch me he led me like a dog to a bed

  • Kambah
    A True Story by tritonglxr

    I was attending my sons Basketball match in Tuggeranong and i had heard about a nudist beach there somewhere, in between games i thought that i would have a look and i found it. I took the short walk down to the area and it was amazing people male and female getting around naked i thought yep this is

  • My First Time
    A True Story by canberraguy22

    When I was 18, one of my best friends came out to me, and as we were best mates, it was fine with me, as i was a bit curious myself. Anyway, he told me about a glory hole he went to a couple of times and said that it was great, which aroused my curiosity even further, so i took a drive out there. I

  • Glory hole goes wrong
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook

    I had been going to a glory hole place for a while now. I would often pop in at lunch time. This day I decided to take a locker and go in a towel. I popped my cock through the hole as always and started getting a great blow job.This guy really knew what he was doing and would take my whole cock into

  • My first time
    A True Story by J-banger

    My first time happened one night after a few of my mates and I had been out and gotten rotten drunk. I got home early and was in bed when everyone else got home. There were more people than expected staying over so we were out of beds so one of my mates striped down to his tight Calvin Klein Trunks and

  • Wakey Wakey
    A True Story by bareballs350

    I was in the army for quite a few years and during the time that I lived on the barracks, there was a stack of times me and my mates would all head down for a few drinks at the boozer to warm up before hitting the clubs in town. This continued for a few years after I'd move off base into a place of my

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    My first Taste of cock
    A True Story by KadinaBiGuy

    This is my true story about the first time i got to suck another guy off. It was a friday night about 1am and i was in an Adelaide gay chat room. I got chatting to a guy and we were discussing how I wanted to try sucking a guy off and he said he was willing to drive up too Elizabeth and he would suck

  • A Night after a week end away
    A True Story by luv.2.b

    ‘‘One good turn deserves another’ my mate always said, and now I know what he meant About a year ago my mate and myself had just returned from a weekend away camping with four guys and their wives, we all stayed at one of the couple's place who had a big house with five bedrooms and as it was late