• first time bi
    A True Story by Mr.Chris
    i spoke to "david" on amm a fair bit and was looking for a guy to show me the ropes.. i went over to his house really nervous, and wasnt sure what to expect. i opened the door and a HOT guy was standing there, great bod, welcoming me in to his house. after a bit of small chat we went and had a shower
  • chrisshaun Photo
    A Fantasy by chrisshaun
  • bottomcoral Photo
    call of duty
    A True Story by bottomcoral
    At work this morning i got a call to go to room 12 as they were having trouble working the dvd in the room, when i entered the room i noticed it was 2 guys who were hardly dressed, they asked me to look at the dvd player and they handed me a disc and i noticed it was gay porn, i put it in and it worked
  • First time with a cock in my mouth
    A True Story by badboy1984
    I was 19 at the time, had been out partying most of the night. Got home really late with one of my brothers mates who I had said could stay at my place. I was pretty horny and decided to have a quick wank before I went to sleep. I was completely naked fiercly pulling on my throbbing 7inch cock when I
  • obedient
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    One day i was on the computer in a Yahoo chatroom and i was chatting to a guy about some of my previous experiences in public toilets with strangers. I like to be used by older guys that i don't really know. I told him about this old guy i sucked off and how his balls were slapping against my chin as
  • Forced
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook
    Dominance had always interested me. I would either give it or receive it. I had made plans to meet someone at a local club near Ryde. I was going to handcuff his hands behind his back and make him suck me. I met up with him and took him into a room but left the door open so others could see how I made
  • Bound to Please
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    After moving into a new town north of Sydney, i did not know where the best places were to meet for sex. I was unaware of any beats in the area and had very little joy cruising parks and shopping centres. I decided to post an ad in the local newspaper asking for older men that might be interested in
  • bottomcoral Photo
    delivery boy gets it all,
    A True Story by bottomcoral
    when i was about 27 i was working at a city pub in the bottle shop, a car came thru and it had 3 guys in it, they looked ON so i flirted a bit and they said do i want to join them 4 a drink when i finished, they said they lived nearby and that they wanted me to come round, so, when i got there it was
  • Scally Photo
    Had by two
    A Fantasy by Scally
    I have a fantasy of being used by two guys at the same time. I dress in my most sexiest little tight panties, skirt and top. I wait for evening and then go to the local park/lake where guys meet for sex. i park and let all see me as I walk off down a quiet bush track. Two guys follow me and I wait
  • Yahoo. come and get it
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    It was during one summer and late in the afternoon when I entered the public toilets on the side of the oval near the creek. There were two cubicles and the trough was opposite. Between the cubicle the cement had been scraped out so you could see into the next cubicle but not very well. The gap in the
  • The Good Old Days.
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    I was working in a shopping centre on Sydneys Northern Beaches many years ago. I went to the public toilets and sat down in one of the cubicles. There was lots of messages and pictures of dicks on the wall. I sat there reading them and feeling my own dick at the same time. I suddenly saw a piece of toilet
  • Punishment
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    One morning in this public toilet I was sitting there waiting for someone to turn up whilst playing with myself. I looked up and this old guy was looking over the top of the door. The lock on the door was broken so he just pushed the door open and came in. He asked me what I thought I was doing. I said
  • morning services
    A True Story by 0bedientworm
    It was early in the morning and I went into a public toilet near an oval. I sat in the cubicle and I noticed a hole in the wall to the next cubicle. It was big enough to put a cock through it. I looked through and there was a guy sitting there leaning back and his cock was hard and erect. He suddenly
  • A Night after a week end away……….Pt 2
    A True Story by luv.2.b
    Once in the shower which was bigger then we thought and turning the water on I was that turned on I could feel that he was coming from my right beside my ear and started to nibble at it and before I had time to turn round, he'd reached round me and had placed his hand on my cock which by now was now
  • x
    A True Story by tewt4you
  • submit
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook
    Ralph had no idea what he was in for when he answered my advert. I had arranged a hotel and spent a few hours preparing everything so it was discreet and set up. Ralph arrived at 7 sharp as planned and put his blindfold on. He lay on his back spread eagled with his head off the bed as I tied his hands
  • Gagging
    A True Story by cherrybrook
    I was at a local glory hole venue near ryde having a blow job. In my haste I forgot to bolt the door behind me so soon had a small audience peeking through the crack. I let them see me getting my cock sucked. There was a large guy behind me that told me to turn around. I thought he was going to suck
  • VW Transporter Tdi
    A Fantasy by diveinhere
    Tall, dark and handsome….sounds to good to be true….such a cliché hey! Well he was tall, taller than me anyway with that dirty blonde hair and about 5’11”. Wedding ring on the finger, wearing shorts and looks about 38 years old. Nice amount of hair on his chest, just enough to make life interesting
  • Suck_hard Photo
    Nervous Flyer
    A True Story by Suck_hard
    I was about to board an aircraft to Melbourne. Having only flown a couple of times I was nervous about the whole thing so I was in and out of the bathroom. About twenty minutes prior to departure I headed into the bathroom again. Of course I went straight to the urinals. There was a cute guy beside me
  • bottomcoral Photo
    best massage ever.
    A Fantasy by bottomcoral
    On the noticeboard in the foyer where i live was a notice saying, free massage for a couple who were doing a massage course and they needed people to practice on, i called the number and the guy said he and his mate would be home that night and to come arround, when i got there i noticed they were both