• Glory hole goes wrong
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook

    I had been going to a glory hole place for a while now. I would often pop in at lunch time. This day I decided to take a locker and go in a towel. I popped my cock through the hole as always and started getting a great blow job.This guy really knew what he was doing and would take my whole cock into

  • My first time
    A True Story by J-banger

    My first time happened one night after a few of my mates and I had been out and gotten rotten drunk. I got home early and was in bed when everyone else got home. There were more people than expected staying over so we were out of beds so one of my mates striped down to his tight Calvin Klein Trunks and

  • Wakey Wakey
    A True Story by bareballs350

    I was in the army for quite a few years and during the time that I lived on the barracks, there was a stack of times me and my mates would all head down for a few drinks at the boozer to warm up before hitting the clubs in town. This continued for a few years after I'd move off base into a place of my

  • KadinaBiGuy Photo
    My first Taste of cock
    A True Story by KadinaBiGuy

    This is my true story about the first time i got to suck another guy off. It was a friday night about 1am and i was in an Adelaide gay chat room. I got chatting to a guy and we were discussing how I wanted to try sucking a guy off and he said he was willing to drive up too Elizabeth and he would suck

  • A Night after a week end away
    A True Story by luv.2.b

    ‘‘One good turn deserves another’ my mate always said, and now I know what he meant About a year ago my mate and myself had just returned from a weekend away camping with four guys and their wives, we all stayed at one of the couple's place who had a big house with five bedrooms and as it was late

  • My 1st MMM3 some Part 2
    A True Story by cocksuckers

    With my cock risen to its full extent he then knelt in frontof me and began sucking my cock and stroking my balls, Barry tjhen knelt and lbetween them both they provided me with a very pleasurable experience. Max and I I later discussed the event when we returned to his home and we then spent a couple

  • My first MMM 3some (part 1)
    A True Story by cocksuckers

    Max and I had been friends for about 2months and I did suspect that he was gay, he was 19years and I was 18 and very nervous, and notknowing how to raise thesubject. One evening when we wereat aparty having a few drinks and in mixed company. Needing a leak and with the only toilet in use the host said

  • Bi curious
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook

    Mary had me blindfolded and tied to her bed. I was spread eagle with hands and feet at each corner. Her husband was away on a business trip so there wasnt a worry in the world. She had been riding me like a race horse and making me eat her. She would straddle my face and grab my hair pulling me forward

  • Scally Photo
    First times but more to follow
    A True Story by Scally

    My first encounter with another guy was when I was about 18, quite a few years ago. I was working at a marina and an older guy with a cruiser asked me out fishing. I accepted but it was a rough day so instead of fishing we moored in a sheltered bay. We then had a few drinks and he then brought out

  • notadv81 Photo
    WOW !!!! This fantasy scene was so HOT!!!!
    A True Story by notadv81

    We had arranged to meet sometime after 8pm tonight – you and that hungry arse of yours and me and my mate who will attempt to satisfy its hunger. You unlock the door at 8pm and head for the bedroom where you lube up and blindfold yourself and then perch doggy style on the edge of the bed. You just sit