• Helpless
    A Fantasy by cherrybrook
    The deal was john was going to tied me spread eagle to the bed face down. He was going to make me give him a blowjob. Sounded like fun. He sat in front of me and pulled out his cock and put a ring gag in my mouth securing it tightly. Then He put his now hard cock in my mouth and held me by the hair.
  • Quick blow job
    A True Story by thrillseeker84
    I got a message from a fellow interstate member on GMM telling me that he was going to be here overnight for work the following week and asking if i wanted to catch up. I replied yes and did he want to catch up for a drink etc.. His response was 'no i will message you the room and Hotel i am in when
  • insertions40 Photo
    House Boat Sex (P3-Final)
    A True Story by insertions40
    (Final chapter... from P2) So there I was, left suspended; hole almost inside-out and thinking this might be my bed for the night! I was still blindfolded and gagged - and man, hungry as hell. I could here cutlery clinking and clanging while they were eating and I could hear them quietly discussing
  • insertions40 Photo
    Houseboat Sex P2
    A True Story by insertions40
    (Continued from P1) Thanks for your feedback, get a packet of wipes coz it gets juicy from here! There I was, straddled and suspended, just having had the butt plug pulled out. I felt the juices ooze (in fact gush) when they pulled it. "Funnel???", I asked. With that, I had been gagged and blindfolded
  • insertions40 Photo
    House Boat Sex P1
    A True Story by insertions40
    A guy winked me on GMM mid last year so naturally I opened his profile and began to read it. It was an interesting one though a lot of the details were missing, but it left a lot to the imagination. I replied his wink with a "thanks..." still unsure about his pleasures but the fact he was a TOP and
  • 10 of the best
    A Fantasy by farqnow
    "Oh man, it's too big. It's almost tearing my hole." I yelled. The guy had my legs pulled up and was trying to push his monster fat cock up my ass, with almost no lube. Yikes, what had I gotten myself into here. For an older guy he was a major large surprise. He was about 50 years old, 170 pounds
  • No
    A True Story by cherrybrook
    I met a guy in a club in Sydney and we went off to a room. I lay back on the bed while he started giving me a blow job. In our haste we forgot to close the door. Soon we had a couple of guys in the room watching and wanking. Before I knew it one of them knelt on my arms pinning me to the bed and put
  • Interesting Fuck!!!
    A True Story by 196503
    I have been waiting for an invitation to have a hot sex experience with a large dick. By my surprise someone invited me to stay with him overnight. Although he lives far from me I managed to reach his place by seven in the evening. He gave me a cup of tea and invited me to go with him to the bed. As
  • my fantasy, please make it happen!!
    A Fantasy by Mr.Chris
    i hear a knock at the door, i open it and see u smile at me.. i open the door let u in and within seconds our lips touch and we are kissing passionately and embrace each other feeling each other up and down. i feel ur butt and bring my hands to the front and feel ur ever hardening member just wanting
  • My night of fun
    A True Story by biguy2473
    Recently, I had my first full on sex session, and wow. Better than i had thought it could ever be. Ive known for a few years now that a friend of mine is gay. never a drama. Ive been curious for some time. Anyway. We decided to go out for a few drinks after he got dumped by his boyfriend. we ended
  • First Time
    A True Story by Chocolatelove9
    My firs time, I was nervous as hell, I had a contact from AMM who had been bugging me constantly to let him come and suck my cock... I had refused time and time again purely because i was too nervous to do it.. Then one night I was looking at some Bi material and was so turned on, and at that very
  • Daddy does me
    A True Story by RockaholicK100
    I had been in msn contact with "Daddy" we made a time to meet we already new each other but didnt know that we both loved the cock. I turned up at his place through the garage door he let me in i had a excited feeling we sat on the lounge and talked a little and he just said lets see what you have there
  • my first time
    A True Story by Curious1787
    i said to myself a long time ago that if i was to do anything with a guy that i would have to post it on here, so here it goes.... i was out with a few mate at the pub, then i lost the people i was with and ended up at this gay club, i was in there for a wile then i met this guy, we talk had a few
  • public toilet
    A Fantasy by biman0581
    Its past dark and Im sitting on a smelly stainless steel toilet with the plastic seat smashed off. The place smells of stale urine. I'm wanking furiously, facing the cistern of the toilet. Its an old toilet block made of brick with a tin roof and adjacent to a disused park. Only guys on the prowl
  • cum bucket
    A True Story by cherrybrook
    I wondered into the movies to see a guy sitting on a seat sucking another mans cock. I instantly got hard and took my cock out. He held it with his hand and started jerking me off. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head towards my cock and made him suck on it. His friend then started jerking himself
  • first pleasure
    A True Story by fxute
    When I was nineteen in the navy, one night returning to GI from the cross drunk I lost my wallet whilst searching for it an older guy came and started talking after offering me a beer in his flat things started to happen. After having a shower together and washing each other thoroughly it was off to
  • Horniest Night.
    A True Story by magic3005
    After leaving my girlfriends place one night I had made an arrangement to meet a guy at his place. I arrived at his unit he opened the door and ushered me inside he took me through to his lounge room were he had some gay porn playing on the tv and got me a drink and sat on the couch,he had longish blond
  • KadinaBiGuy Photo
    My second taste of cock
    A True Story by KadinaBiGuy
    Well about 30 minutes ago I sucked my second cock ever. My first was about 7 or 8 years ago. I had been in contact with him for about 6 weeks after an initial contact by D on this site. I met him in Alice Springs when I had to come to Alice for work about 3 weeks back, it was just a quick hello and know
  • My 1st blow job
    A True Story by thrillseeker84
    At the start of this week i jumped on this site to find that i had a new message from a fello member. I had been talking with this member for a couple of weeks. I replied to it only to find out he was online and horney as hell. I offered my services and he very quickly accepted and gave me an address.
  • my first taste of cum
    A True Story by Mr.Chris
    i was nervous to meet him, taking an hour to decide whether he should come over, i said yes and to give me 20 minutes. i had a shower and crawled into bed leaving the front door unlocked so he could walk in... 10 minutes went by, making myself almost cum several times, finally i hear the door open and